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Key Highlights of MERC’s Net Metering Regulation, 2019

Key Highlights of MERC’s Net Metering Regulation, 2019



Key Highlights of MERC’s Net Metering Regulation, 2019 are as under:

1. Distribution Transformer/feeder of the Licensee: Shall not exceed 70% of its rated capacity
2. Sanctioned load (in kW) or the Contract Demand (in kVA) of the Consumer: 100 % ; subject to the cumulative capacity of the relevant Distribution Transformer shall not exceed 70% of its rated capacity.
3. Metering Infrastructure: Net Meter installed shall be capable of recording ToD consumption and generation.
Note: In case of RE Generator with capacity above 20 kW set up under Net Metering Arrangement, a Check Meter of appropriate class shall be installed by the Distribution Licensee.
4. Registration Fee:
* Low Tension: Rs. 500/- for consumer having Sanctioned Load or Contract Demand upto 20 kW and Rs 100/- thereafter for every 20 kW or part thereof.
* High Tension: Rs 5,000/-
5. Connection Agreement: The Agreement shall remain in force for twenty years form the date of signing of Connection Agreement.
6. Energy Accounting and Settlement:
* The Distribution Licensee shall enter into PPA at the Average Power Purchase Cost (APPC) approved for the respective period by the Commission.
* APPC shall be constant for the entire duration of the Agreement & effective from the date of connectivity.
7. Renewable Purchase Obligation: All units of RE purchased by the Distribution Licensee shall qualify towards meeting its RPO.

Some of the points of new grid  policy as ,

1. Old installations will continue in accordance with old policy till their agreement period of 20 years.
2. Applications recieved before 30th December will continue according to old regulations.
3. The cap of 1Mw will stay as it is.
4. Customers can opt for Net Metering or Net Billing across all types.
5. Above 10kw  nominal grid support charges will be levied after public consultative process.
6. Distribution Transformer capacity raised to 70±5%.
7. Time frame of 15 days has been notified to Discom to sanction Solar installation & further 10 Days after work complevtion for grid synchronization & meter installation.
8. Net Meter purchase & subsequent change in future will be done by consumer.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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