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KSTAR launches a new 3-Ph BluE Residential ESS with CATL Battery Solutions – EQ Mag Pro

KSTAR launches a new 3-Ph BluE Residential ESS with CATL Battery Solutions – EQ Mag Pro


Chinese inverter manufacturer Kstar will launch a new series of residential hybrid storage systems 3-Ph BluE Residential ESS that integrates its own inverter technology and the lithium-ion storage solutions of China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL).

The new residential ESS with CATL Battery Solutions is said to boast a reduction in carbon use and improve power generation performance compared with previous PV products.

The new 3-Ph BluE Residential energy storage system is much safer with CATL LFP Battery, which results from a stable “module, pack, system” triple protection, Kstar has said.

Based on the powerful technology from the joint venture CATL-KSTAR, the product comes with adjustable power in each phase, supporting diesel generator control(DI/DO), according to KSTAR. The product is featuring with a simple and efficient design. Modular design, Plug & Play, and mobile APP Monitoring greatly bring convenience for the customers. Moreover, the new product supports 200% oversized PV power and configures a simple efficient on&off grid parallel system. This new 3-Ph product, aiming at the small commercial& industrial, and 3 phase residential applications, enhance the ability of KSTAR to provide a comprehensive energy storage solution to various customers with different needs.

The dimension (W x H x D) of the battery model is 540mm*490mm*240mm, which is easy to carry and install. The warranty of the new product is a 5-year product warranty and a 10-year performance warranty. With the IP65 protection class and 10000 cycle’s usage of the battery, there will be less worry from the customer regarding the reliability of the product. The cell certification is IEC/EN 62619, UN38.3, and UL1973. Keeping the same cell type LFP (without cobalt) with better safety performance, the battery model is mainly utilized in low voltage systems, which also strengthens the ESS’s ability to handle the harsher environment.

To offer optimal performance and a long life span to the customers, the hybrid system combines BluE-PACK5.1 and BluE-S 10KT, which is an AC coupled all-in-one CATL battery module with a KSTAR inverter with low maintenance and easy installation. It should be noted that the battery solution for previous BluE residential ESS is also compatible with this new model inverter, which can release the stress of product stock and be handy for selling. To offer customers a fast response and uninterruptible power supply, the three-phase hybrid inverter features an intelligent modular design and online monitoring via the ESS app, as well as a programmable time of use tariff in certain countries – charging at night off-peak time then discharging during the expensive peak period.

The global energy storage market will grow to deploy 58GW/178GWh annually by 2030, with the US and China representing 54% of all deployments. China, helped by its national policy to target 30GW of energy storage by 2025, is likely to overtake that lead, perhaps even before that 2025 deadline, according to forecasting by BloombergNEF.

“To meet customers’ different demands and speed up the energy storage markets fast, KSTAR drives battery adoption alongside residential solar. We are open to the global market of Europe, South Africa, Australia, and Asia.” Said KSTAR.

Energy storage manufacturing giant CATL has partnered with KSTAR to construct a new lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Fujian, China since 2019. The facility, which is being developed with an overall investment of US$150 million, is expected to have an initial output of 1GWh, manufacturing both lithium-ion battery packs and integrated products targeted at the solar-plus-storage sector.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network