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KSTAR Provides Comprehensive After- Sales Support Services in Brazil

KSTAR Provides Comprehensive After- Sales Support Services in Brazil


Brazil : KSTAR builds a service center and provides comprehensive after- sales support to KSTAR´s customers in Brazil.

KSTAR is a leading PV manufacturer and supplier for the solar industry who delivers a broad of smart PV solutions and services that guarantee a high-performance level and smooth running of PV plants throughout its entire life-cycle.

After-sales service support is very important for KSTAR. To have a more loyal customer on a long-term basis, KSTAR takes feedback and provides support for the global customers. It’s a positive aspect for our business, and when people find out everything we do for customers, they will keep coming back.

In Brazil, KSTAR after-sales service center will handle the warranty, technical support and training for our customers, when providing additional technical support services like the provision of information and support for KSTAR Smart Energy Management System, as well as offering positive response within 24 hours.

With about 3500 employees around the world, KSTAR has built up a comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale service team globally, not only in Brazil. All the team members are experienced experts in the new energy industry.

They are well-trained and always care about customer’s requirements. They are using their expertise and passion to provide the favorable and highly efficient service for all the customers and partners all over the world.

“KSTAR inverters are high reliability, high performance and top quality”, says Roy Du Sales Manager at KSTAR of South America. “It is our responsibility to strengthen our after-sales support in Brazil for our customers. Professional and reliable after-sales services is one of our top priorities as a leading inverter manufacturer.”

Furthermore, the service portfolio includes pre-sales, after-Sales, inverters ‘Test & Repair, technical training.


KSTAR is devoted to new energy solutions for many years. Until now, there is more than 25 GW installation for KSTAR worldwide. KSTAR has been a trusted partner for global energy companies and customers. We have more than 3000 employees and 18 overseas branch offices in different countries since 1993.

There are over 600 R&D engineers, the majority of whom have more than many years talented experience in inverter industry. KSTAR is committed to innovation based on global customer needs.

By integrating smart PV technology and innovative design, KSTAR PV Solution is safe, efficient and reliable, easy to install, creating value for customers to achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost. Learn more: www.kstar.com

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network