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KWHCoin on the Ground in Puerto Rico to Launch Blockchain-Based Energy Solution

KWHCoin on the Ground in Puerto Rico to Launch Blockchain-Based Energy Solution


SAN JOSE, Calif.: KWHCoin, the blockchain-based renewable energy company, is heading to Puerto Rico to launch its genesis renewable energy project. The KWHCoin team is scheduled to conduct formal house selection and connection analysis while developing the scope of the project locations in Puerto Rico. The team has assigned 10 homes for immediate deployment to test reliability, assess site recommendations and to determine scalability. The team will be on the island May 20–24 to meet with local officials and begin first stages of operational deployment of the genesis energy project.

Orocovis is the site for the genesis development project in Puerto Rico and will serve as the model for the technical and development resources needed for KWHCoin to provide energy services to remote locations globally. Orocovis is located in the Central Mountain Range, north of Villalba and Coamo, south of Morovis and Corozal. Orocovis and its remote population of over 300 homes present a unique challenge for traditional energy service platforms but are a perfect fit for the KWHCoin model which focuses on empowering the edges of the grid.

KWHCoin made agreements with local officials in Orocovis and are now actively deploying the technical and operational resources to launch immediate energy access for residents in the area.

KWHCoin partnered with Dr. Alison Thompson and Third Wave Volunteers for a Solar Puff light mission on the island back in March. KWHCoin and Third Wave Volunteers provided solar puff lights in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, lighting thousands of homes on the mountainside. During this mission, the solution for the island’s most remote areas became clear to the KWHCoin team, and collaboration of resources and partnering with local officials became the priority.

“Our focus is the grid’s edges and the billions of people globally that lack access to reliable energy sources. Our token model uses cryptocurrency as a liberation technology and we want to show to the world that blockchain technology has immediate utility in the domain of energy and social impact. Orocovis is our genesis project and we look to scale this as we integrate to a fully deployable global energy services model with blockchain systems securing and connecting our renewable energy network,” stated CEO Girard Newkirk.

Source: KWHCoin
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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