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KYMCO: Its Electric Motorcycle Battery Is Big Enough for Daily Usage

KYMCO: Its Electric Motorcycle Battery Is Big Enough for Daily Usage


On March 22, KYMCO launched electric motorcycle Ionex in Tokyo. It provided a new option in the Taiwanese electric motorcycle market.

KYMOC’s electric motorcycle Ionex received a mix of positive and negative comments. On March 28, Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO explained that critics are actually asking the wrong questions.

Single battery’s power range is not an issue

Ko expressed that we should learn from previous history. In the past, in Taiwan, it was very difficult to promote electric scooters because people were asking maximum power range of one battery. This request meant larger batteries. The bigger a battery, the higher the cost. Hence, this request increased price tag, so less consumers wanted to buy it.

From consumers’ perspective, the larger the e-scooter is, the more inconvenient to control it. Another key fact is that the average riding distance is only 13.3 Kilometers per day.

KYMCO’s critical component of battery is from LG. The battery power is designed to last 30 kilometers per cycle. That is enough to cover most of riders’ need per day.

Like smartphone, everyone gets used to charging the phone every day. KYMCO aims to educate users to charge their e-scooters at home, in order for the battery to sustain the mileage that is necessary for the next day.

Speaking of generic battery model specifications and batteries’ other details, such as highest speed, price tag, and battery monthly plans in KYMCO’s battery exchange station, Ko asked the market to patiently wait until this June. KYMCO will hold a product launch party, and announce all the details.

Except for the handle of KYMCO’s battery, KYMCO welcomes manufacturers to make batteries according to KYMCO’s specifications, and use KYMCO’s Ionex power exchange station for power supply.

Two business models of batteries

When it comes to the ownership of batteries, consumers have two options. The white battery is for consumers to buy. The orange battery is for consumers to share. When buying a KYMCO electric motorcycle, a customer can purchase the amount of batteries as he desires.

Speaking of the shared batteries, there are monthly rental plans. If a consumer only wants a short time rental plan, such as riding from Taipei to Hsinchu, or from Taipei to Taichung, there are specific plans for those needs.

Source: energytrend
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