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Leading Solar Supplier Adds LG and Panasonic Solar Panels

Leading Solar Supplier Adds LG and Panasonic Solar Panels


Solaris-shop.com offers solar panels and power systems nationwide to the USA as a wholesale supplier

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.: Solaris Technology Industry, Inc., a national solar distributor, has now added LG Solar and Panasonic solar panels available for purchase through their website at www.solaris-shop.com/. The new solar panels are available to both consumers and installers for residential and commercial system applications.

“Looking forward, we anticipate a demand for even higher quality solar panels. These are the best PV modules available on the market, and we are able to supply them to DIY and installers alike for much less than traditional retail outlets,” said Brandi Casey, of Solaris-shop.com. “Interest in our systems are grown tremendously over the last year, and we anticipate further growth to continue with the new additions of these manufacturers. We also see solar paving the way forward regardless of the tariffs.”

Providing Solar Power Systems Nationwide

Solaris delivers exceptional solar energy products for wholesale prices to consumers and companies nationwide. We continue to remain on the forefront of enabling our nation to go solar at prices that put money back into the pockets of our customers. We hope that by offering the most recognized and quality brand names available, that more people can go solar faster, we can transform America’s power grid to a renewable one, and do our part in the advancement of a cleaner more synergistic environment.

Source: Solaris Technology Industry, Inc.
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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