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Leverage renewable energy for 24X7 power: Par Panel to govt

Leverage renewable energy for 24X7 power: Par Panel to govt


A Parliamentary committee has suggested to the government to go for a comprehensive policy reorientation in consultation with states to leverage renewable energy in pursuit of 24×7 power for all.

The Standing Committee on Energy, chaired by Virendra Singh, felt that a decentralised renewable energy (RE) system needs to be promoted to achieve the goal of 24×7 power for all.

The report on the review of the current status and role of renewable energy in the country by the committee was tabled in the Lok Sabha today.

The committee noted that the government has taken a joint initiative with respective state governments for preparation of state specific documents for providing 24×7 power supply to all households and commercial establishments.

Although all states have signed the document, yet the ground reality of the sector is that it marred with demand supply mismatch, it added.

At times, there is abundant availability of power, different and varied tariffs, uncertainty regarding availability of network and slump/surge in demand of electricity.

“These inconsistencies are hard realities of the sector and they will remain here. Financial condition of the state discoms or other distribution companies is also a serious issue, which will impact the mission 24×7 power supply,” it said.

The government has planned to harness 175 giga watt (GW) of renewable energy from various sources by 2022.

“The committee notes that the idea is a lofty proposition, but marred with inherent contradictions and bottlenecks of the electricity sector,” it added.

The panel recommended that all measures should be taken to address issues which are likely to hinder the goal of 24×7 power to all, particularly when power supply is a concurrent subject and every state utility has its own priorities, specific to requirements of its people.

“Hence, a comprehensive policy reorientation may be taken into consideration to give some unanimous conclusion and consensus on the mission of 24×7 power by all stakeholders,” it said.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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