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List of top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturers in India – EQ Mag Pro

List of top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturers in India – EQ Mag Pro


As the whole world is looking forward to carbon neutrality, using electric vehicles seems to be a convenient starting point.

With the EV space, the need for EV charging stations is increasing rapidly. That is why many companies are inclined to invest in building EV charging stations throughout India. This article mentions India’s top 10 EV charging station manufacturers that will supercharge your knowledge and curiosity.

As the electric vehicle market is continuously growing, the need for efficient EV charging stations continues to grow. In recent times, the Indian Government has declared that they are planning to bring some changes in transportation. Using electric vehicles is one of the best ways to lower emissions and overall reliance on petroleum imports. Here is a list of some top charging station manufacturers.

Tata Power

Who doesn’t know the name of this vehicle manufacturing conglomerate of India? Because of its position, it is counted as the most prominent manufacturer of EV charging stations in the country. This power company covers almost the whole area of 9 states, including Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. They have provided around 300 charging points in 40 cities. The EV charging solutions created by Tata Power come with a wide range of charging standards and specifications.


It is a Bangalore-based startup company. This company is able to provide almost 3.3Kw portable grocery chargers in small shop owners, restaurants, and malls at some cost-effective prices, i.e., 15000/-. For this initiative, this startup company received an overwhelming response and received pre-orders for grocery chargers all over the city.


When it comes to efficient battery chargers and control panels, Mass-Tech Industrial is among the leading manufacturers. Mass-Tech has provided battery charging equipment, DC distribution board, and converters. This company has started manufacturing EV charging stations from 10kv to 200kv.


BrightBlu opened its doors in 2019 with its merger of Asia Electric and DriveAMP, an EV charging company with smart charging automation. DriveAMP supplies some hardware technology that requires charging point operators in India with its Smart charging technology. BrightBlu merged with two companies to boost production and services.

ABB India

ABB India is known for its electric mobility. This company produced more than 14000 DC fast chargers that have already been installed in 80 countries. Last year ABB with EV Motors India installed the first DC fast charger in New Delhi.


Panasonic came up with an EV charging service known as Nymbus in India. Nymbus is a technologically advanced charging service that amalgamates physical components such as charging stations, swap stations, telematics systems, and virtual features such as cloud service, analytics, and artificial intelligence.


As an internationally renowned technology company, Ensto provides vehicle charging systems, electrical solutions for power distribution networks, electric traffic, and so on. On this note, you should know that the first Ensto electric vehicle charging station in India was opened in 2017 in New Delhi. This charging station range includes a modular, high-performance electrical system that helps the vehicles to recharge fast.


The area of EV charging stations for public charging falls under the expertise of Exicom. Two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and commercial vehicles can recharge their cars from these EV charging stations provided by Exicom. It has installed an impressive amount of Bharat AC and DC chargers for Mahindra cars.

Delta Electronics India

In terms of the sales department, one of the leading EV charging manufacturers in India is Delta. It offers a vast range of DC quick chargers and AC EV chargers. Delta successfully provided site management systems for parking lots, workplaces and residential buildings, etc.

Fortum India

Fortum offers solutions and services for EV charging for utilities, CPOs, OEMs, workplace charging, and fleet management. One of the notable projects done by this company is Charge and Drive India set up with the first 50kW fast-charging stations and 11 DC rapid chargers spread across primary locations and in cities like Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.


With the foresight that there will be a new dawn in the arena of EV charging stations in India, more manufacturers are coming forward and showing their interest in providing charging stations. This initiative is praiseworthy while developing India’s Electric Vehicle Manufacturing capability.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network