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LONGi Solar modules exempted from EU minimum import price obligation

LONGi Solar modules exempted from EU minimum import price obligation


Frankfurt am Main, Germany: The European Commission has exempted LONGi Solar, a leading manufacturer of monocrystalline high-performance modules, from the minimum import price obligation (MIP) for photovoltaic modules. The exemption applies to modules that the Chinese company manufactures in a fully integrated plant in Malaysia. The ingot, wafer, cell and module plant in Kuching, Malaysia, is one of the most modern production facilities worldwide. The module plant has been commissioned mid of last year and has a capacity of 500 megawatts (MW). With a total global production capacity of 6.5 gigawatts (GW) last year and a total planned 12 GW by the end of this year, LONGi Solar is one of the world’s largest module manufacturers.

High efficiency modules with low CO2 footprint

“To support sustainable development and climate protection, LONGi is providing high effi-ciency and quality modules since 2015,” explains Richard For, Vice President of LONGi Solar. “We very much welcome and appreciate the decision of the European Commission, now our high performance and low-carbon modules can be supplied to customers within the EU.”

LONGi Solar’s plant in Kuching has been adhering to the concept of using clean energy to produce clean energy. Malaysia has abundant water resources, and the ingots, wafers, cells and modules there are predominately produced with hydropower. This helps to reduce the use of conventional energy and contributes to global climate protection. The MIP exemption for the LONGi Solar Malaysian facilities will create favorable conditions for high-performance modules to enter the EU market in fair competition, and promote the development of clean energy.

High investments in R&D

LONGi Solar aims to further increase the energy output of solar modules in order to reduce electricity generation costs to advance grid parity. In 2017, the company invested USD 173 million in research and development, 6.8 percent of its sales revenue. No other module manufacturer invests more in technology development.

Specialist for mono PERC modules

LONGi Solar is the only manufacturer worldwide that specializes exclusively in high-performance monocrystalline modules, in particular mono PERC technology. The product portfolio includes bifacial modules as well as modules with half-cut cells and next generation mono PERC modules with other high efficiency technologies.

About LONGi Solar
LONGi Solar is a world-leading manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells and modules. LONGi group, the parent company of LONGi Solar, has been focusing on monocrystalline technology since its foundation 18 years ago and is the largest supplier of monocrystalline silicon wafers in the world, with total assets above $5.2 billion (2017). The company has its headquarters in Xi’an and branches in Japan, Europe, North America, India, Malaysia, Australia and Africa.

Source:Β sunbeam-communications
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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