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Make More Profits with SolaX X3-MEGA G2 – EQ Mag

Make More Profits with SolaX X3-MEGA G2 – EQ Mag


As one of world’s leading inverter suppliers, SolaX Power has launched variousC&I inverters to meet high power output needs, among which X3-MEGA G2 has received many praises due to its outstanding performance.

SolaX on-grid inverter, X3-MEGA G2,is perfect for commercial PV installations or ground-mounted PV arrays, designed with the very latest solar technology to allow for maximum energy harvesting.

It features a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, has 40 kW, 50 kW, and 60 kW three power ratings, and boasts an ultra-wide MPPT voltage range of 180-1000 V. X3-MEGA G2 has Maximum 6 MPPT, maximum 32A MPPT input current, and supports 150% PV oversizing input and 110% overloading output.

Being quite intelligent as well, X3-MEGA G2 is equipped with functions such as current measuring for each of PV string, I-V curve diagnosis, built-in export power control and night-time reactive power compensation to ensure maximum output. Other functions like remote setting and upgrading, and 24-hour operation monitoring (Optional) make it possible to track the inverter’s working condition.

As for safety and reliability, X3-MEGA G2 is IP66 rated, meaning that it can be installed either indoors or outdoors, giving the clients the flexibility to choose where to install the system.X3-MEGA G2 is equipped with built-in AC& DC Type II SPDs and has AFCI protection (Optional).Moreover, it has no internal fan and come with optional ‘plug & play’ WIFI.

In addition to these impressive features, SolaX also offers a solution to enable X3-MEGA G2 in parallel with the hybrid inverter for energy storage via Datahub, a professional device that is used to monitor and manage user’s site with multi SolaX inverters. In this solution, it supports up to 40 on-grid inverters and 10 hybrid inverters. And the loads will use the energy from on-grid inverters in priority to avoid unnecessary discharging.

SolaX X3-MEGA G2series inverters, created for commercial and industrial use, are compatible with the high-power modules available on the current market, providing clients with higher solar energy yields and more profits.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network