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Manager – Operations & Maintenance

Manager – Operations & Maintenance


A typical Solar PV Designer’s job will predominantly revolve around following three key


 Testing (I/V Curve, Electroluminescence (EL), Thermal Imager (IR), etc.)

 Standards (Basic IEC Standards which are used in O&M for Solar PV Plants)

 Troubleshooting, Report Making & Overseeing project execution

Depending on the specific position and role, your job will involve some or all of the following:

 Knowledge of handling various instruments used in Field Visit, for e.g.:

o I/V Curve Tracer

o Electroluminescence (EL)

o Thermal Imaging (IR)

o Diode Testing

o HiPot Testing

o Clamp Meters, Pyranometers, Data Loggers, etc.

 Independently determines project scope, develops a preliminary plan of investigation, and determines

project specifications such as cost, time, and sample requirements by analysing client input, available

supplemental data, and product construction. Projects may include frequent travel to conduct or witness

tests at client sites.

 Coordinates O&M activities by preparing data sheets and instructions to technicians, scheduling and

reviewing work of O&M Technicians and support staff and establishing completion dates. Coordinates

administrative aspects of project management. Serves as Project Handler of record and may sign as

Reviewer of record as assigned.

 Communicates project status and results to clients through frequent contact and by preparing reports.

Prepares Follow-Up Service Procedures and information pages.

 May directs and review work of assigned staff. May train office, field, and/or O&M staff and entry

level engineers. Provides technical assistance to O&M and/or field staff.

Typical Qualifications Expected

 Educational qualification: Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy/Energy/Environmental

Science/Engineering (Electrical & Electronics) with specialization in Solar Photo Voltaic from a

recognized University or Institute.

 Experience: 7+ Years in R&D/Industrial/Science & Technology Organization/Private Sector

 Preferred Ex-Employers: Underwriter Laboratories (UL), TUV Rheinland, InterTek, National Institute of

Solar Energy (NISE) or equivalent.

Skills Expected

 Ability to write reports based on Test Results from the field.

 Study & Analysis of the Technical Report

 After making the report, propose a suitable solution to improve the plant efficiency.

Other Requirements & Expectations

 Should be ready for field visits

 Should be flexible to perform various role if needed

 A quality mindset and attention to detail are some of the important qualities for this job


Rs. 9 – 10Lacs/- per annum

GridLynk Solar Pvt. Ltd.

405P, Sector 31-32A, Gurugram – 122001, Haryana


Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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