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MNRE:Model Tender Document for Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV


The Bidder is advised to read carefully all instructions and conditions appearing in this document and understand them fully. All information and documents required as per the bid document must be furnished. Failure to provide the information and / or documents as required may render the bid technically unacceptable.

The bidder shall be deemed to have examined the bid document, to have obtained his own information in all matters whatsoever that might affect the carrying out the works in line with the scope of work specified elsewhere in the document at the offered rates and to have satisfied himself to the sufficiency of his bid. The bidder shall be deemed to know the scope, nature and magnitude of the works and requirement of materials, equipment, tools and labour involved, wage structures and as to what all works he has to complete in accordance with the bid documents irrespective of any defects, omissions or errors that may be found in the bid documents.

For More Information Pls.Go Through Attached PDF…..Grid-Connected-Rooftop-Model-Tender-Document

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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