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Monocrystal unveils silver paste for HJT solar cells

Monocrystal unveils silver paste for HJT solar cells


Monocrystal, a leading global supplier of synthetic sapphire and PV metallization pastes, today announced the release of its new MX-1801 low temperature silver metallization paste for heterojunction (HJT) solar cells.

Heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer cell technology (HJT), being a relatively mature technology, can provide >23% cell efficiency. HJT requires fewer process steps than even PERC technology. On top of that, HJT is a low-temperature process, and hence, is perfectly suitable for thinner wafers with a relatively small footprint. All this allows for lower production costs.

The MX-1801 metallization paste features excellent uniformity of fingers to provide fine line printing with better aspect ratio and efficiency gain of up to 0.2%. Moreover, advanced organic design contributes to improved adhesion on HJT solar cells.

“We are striving to provide our customers with advanced solutions. MX-1801 is specially developed for low curing temperatures and gives manufacturers improved printability. The paste is stored and transported at room temperature, which minimizes logistic costs,” Monocrystal’s CEO Oleg Kachalov commented.

About Monocrystal

Monocrystal, a part of the diversified industrial group of companies Energomera, is a leading supplier of sapphire products for LED and metallization pastes for solar industries. According to the company’s estimates, every 2nd LED and every 10th solar module in the world is made with Monocrystal products. The company’s product portfolio includes large diameter sapphire substrates and ingots for LEDs, bricks and ingots for consumer electronics, optical windows, screen printing pastes for silicon wafer solar cells, and conductive silver pastes for automotive glass. The company exports more than 98% of its products to more than 25 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit http://www.monocrystal.com/

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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