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More and more Vijayawadians evince interest in harnessing solar energy

More and more Vijayawadians evince interest in harnessing solar energy


VIJAYAWADA: The new capital city Amaravati is adopting what scientists and environmentalists have been suggesting for a long time-solar energy is the future. In a bid to save renewable energy, citizens are becoming more conscious and coming forward to set up solar units. In 2017, till July 25, APSPDCL, Vijayawada has received a total of 296 solar rooftop NET metering applications which is expected to produce 6,206 Kilowatts of electricity. Of all the applications, technical feasibility approvals have been granted to 290 applications.

After the application process and setup of the infrastructure, the electricity department officials visited the place and synchronised the solar top units with the grid. In this manner, 183 solar units were synchronised with the grid from which 2,764 KW of energy is being produced. Each solar unit produces 5-20 KW.Apart from these, 11 more solar unit were synchronised with the grid but are yet to start operations. Similarly, 73 solar units are still in the process and are expected to be completed by the first or second week of September.

Speaking to Express, Assistant Engineer Vijayawada circle Srinivas said, “People in Krishna district are approaching us to know about the modus operandi of solar energy production. Earlier, solar energy was restricted only to water heaters and some modes of lighting. But now, with the new technology and proper guidance, one can use solar energy to fulfil the needs of the entire house. In fact, we are purchasing from households if they are producing excess amount of energy.”

The household or the individuals who are producing energy through solar tops can sell their excess energy to the electricity department, as the unit gets synchronised with the power grid. The department is paying around `5.13 for each unit while purchasing from individuals.B Sulochana Prasad, an existing user of solar top energy unit says that she is very happy with the solar power generation. “Setting up a solar unit is not such a big hurdle, as the government is giving subsidy for the users. We don’t have power cuts and in winters, the excess energy is sold to the electricity department. People in the surroundings see us producers of electricity and we feel very happy being part of a change,” he added.

Source: newindianexpress
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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