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Motech and TECO Launch Joint PV Power Station

Motech and TECO Launch Joint PV Power Station


Motech, Taiwan’s leading PV firm, and TECO, the largest motor manufacturer on the island, announced inauguration of a joint-venture PV power station in Guanyin of Taoyuan City, in northern Taiwan, on March 1. With its PV power generators installed on the rooftops of Motech’s existing plant, the facility will generate 2.3 million kilowatts/hour of power a year, to be sold to state-run Taiwan Power Company and fed into the latter’s grid.

The power station was set up by Motech and TECO, along with Tungan Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of TECO, in late 2016, before securing license from the government in Oct. 2017. With the coverage of its modules spanning 0.9635 hectares in space, the station boasts 1.7 MW in capacity.

The project underscores extension by Motech of its reach to the downstream sector, as well as foray by TECO into the realm of PV-ESCO (energy service company), taking advantage of their respective advantages in jointly pushing the development of green energy. It employs Motech’s high-performance mono-si PV modules and TECO’s 25/30 kW PV inverters, plus a cloud-end real-time monitoring/management system, capable of conducting precautionary operations timely, which can not only cut manpower cost for operation but boost power-generation income by 3-4%.

Motech points out that it has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Maochieh Development Co., Ltd., for the development of downstream modules and power system. The company signed a memorandum of cooperation with Pingtung county government in 2017 for developing PV power systems totaling 400 MW in capacity and is expected to boost its accumulated PV power installation capacity to 50 MW in Taiwan by the end of this year.

Source: pv.energytrend
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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