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Nano One nabs Chinese lithium-ion battery patent

Nano One nabs Chinese lithium-ion battery patent


The company, which is focused on lithium-ion batteries, currently has 11 patents around the globe

Nano One Materials Corp (CVE:NNO) (OTCMKTS:NNOMF) announced Wednesday that it has been issued a patent in China aimed at improving lithium-ion batteries.

The company, which has 11 patents around the world, has developed patented technology for low-cost production of high-performance lithium-ion battery cathode materials used in electric vehicles, energy storage and consumer electronics.

Chinese patent ZL2014800279145 is being directed to improve lithium-ion batteries, using cathode materials made by Nano One’s patented process.

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“It is a significant milestone for Nano One to have extended its intellectual property protection into China,” said Stephen Campbell, chief technology officer at Nano One. “This complements a growing portfolio of patents in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, US and Canada that have been issued, covering process, materials and batteries with an additional 30 patents pending in the same jurisdictions including Europe. China is undergoing tremendous growth in lithium-ion batteries, and this latest patent serves us well, both with multinational and Chinese battery interests.”

Nano One said its process is different from other cathode manufacturing methods. Its water-based process provides a mixture of lithium, nickel, cobalt and other metal atoms prior to thermal processing, without having to grind or mill, according to the company. Benefits, it said, include reduced contamination, shortened furnace time and improved crystallinity.

Performance-enhancing elements
The company’s patented process also provides alternative ways to build performance-enhancing elements into the cathode.

“We have an innovative scientific team at Nano One, and our strategy on intellectual property is to be constantly refining processes and developing enhanced materials,” said Campbell. “This adds to our knowledge and intellectual property; strengthening our relationships with our industry leading partners.”

Shares of Nano One were up 3.3% at C$1.55 on Wednesday.

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