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Nearmap Partners with Aurora Solar to Augment Its Solar Design Software with HD Aerial Imagery


Aurora Solar users now have access to Nearmap’s up-to-date, sub 3” GSD imagery to design and sell solar with exact precision.

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah: Nearmap, a high-resolution aerial imagery provider, and Aurora Solar, a solar sales and design software leader, today announced a landmark partnership that allows Aurora users to access Nearmap aerial captures of U.S. locations.

Through this collaboration, Nearmap’s up-to-date, sub 3” GSD imagery is now available within Aurora’s software, helping solar installers design and sell with exact precision.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Nearmap to provide aerial imagery to solar installers across the country,” said Chris Hopper, CEO and co-founder of Aurora Solar. “By integrating high-resolution imagery with our industry-leading software, we empower solar installers to quote with confidence—reducing the number of truck rolls required. This is the next big step in remote solar design.”

Previously, Aurora has enabled its users to design over 1 million solar projects, with over 60,000 projects designed in March 2018 alone. Now, in addition to satellite imagery, Aurora customers can utilize high-resolution and current Nearmap imagery for increased accuracy and informed decision-making.

“We’re excited to announce this relationship because it offers a lot of flexibility for both Nearmap and Aurora customers. The partnership offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. Organizations can choose from different licensing models: pay as you go, with unlimited access to imagery, or per bundle through Aurora, which provides a more flexible option based on the needs of the user,” said Patrick Quigley, EVP of Nearmap U.S. In addition, existing Nearmap customers can also authenticate their Nearmap licenses in Aurora.

Alex Chelius of Momentum Solar notes that this integration will “significantly increase our productivity as well as accuracy.”

Through the partnership, users can:

  • Reduce costly, time-intensive on-site visits with Nearmap aerial captures. The imagery’s detail enables professionals to measure and design from the comfort of an office with a precision that rivals traditional measuring methods.
  • Enhance their shading analysis and remote system design processes by utilizing high-definition images to better model sites.
  • Increase the number of leads they nurture by spending less time on each lead. Aurora users are now able to expand their coverage area rapidly.
  • Access Nearmap historical captures so users can visualize the property through all seasons.

“Every design begins with imagery, and high-quality imagery helps designers create permit-quality drawings and game-changing proposals,” said JT McCook, sales consultant at Aurora Solar. “That’s why this integration is so exciting; it allows solar installers to create highly accurate 3D models remotely.”

About Nearmap

Nearmap brings the real world to you. We capture, manage, and deliver the most current location content in the world, allowing businesses and governments to explore their environment easily. With Nearmap, organizations unlock opportunities that consistently inform decision-making and profoundly transform the way they work. Our high-resolution, frequently updated aerial imagery is 3-inch GSD, better than satellite imagery. Delivered within days of capture, Nearmap shows changes over time. Users save time and money, reduce site visits, and efficiently plan with current, clear imagery.

Nearmap is delivered through a refreshingly easy-to-use interface called MapBrowser™ or accessed via Esri® and Autodesk products.

About Aurora

Aurora is the solar industry’s leading platform for PV sales and system design. We streamline and automate the solar design and sales process, empowering solar installers to focus on what matters most—satisfying their customers. Aurora is used by solar installers across the U.S. and around the world, with over 60,000 installations designed in our software each month.

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