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New inverter maximizes energy harvest from the PV power generation

New inverter maximizes energy harvest from the PV power generation


Around the world there is an increasingly demand towards maximized value of residential PV system and smaller-scale industrial and commercial PV system. With the new intelligent technology, Growatt has launched new generation three-phase solar Inverter Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S for this demand. Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S series inverters are designed for Max. efficiency98.4%,MPPT efficiency 99.5%, wide DC voltage range 160-1000VDC, which maximizes the comprehensive efficiency of inverters and allows the electricity to generate longer. In addition, the new series inverter employs IP65 ingress protection, nature cooling, fanless design, maintenance-free and lower noise, very well adapted to extreme environments. It integrates a large heat sink and patented potting inductor to ensure performance safe and reliable, as well as stable in the long run. Simple, lightweight, beautiful design and maintenance-free provides a pleasant user experience.

To reduce cost and save time for installers and distributors, Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S provides greater availability, a longer service life, maintenance-free and high efficiency in PV power plants. Max. DC/AC ratio up to1.2,1.1 overload enables the system more flexible, and maximizes the energy harvest from the PV power generation. Furthermore, Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S is compatible with Growatt monitoring devices and cloud platform, and integrates on-line smart service system, so service engineer almost can handle 60%+ problems by remote configuration and FW update without on-site service. To ensure the top quality of Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S, Growatt R&D engineers complete a series reliability test at design stage and mass production. No matter outdoor exposure at salty condition of beach area, thermal shock, or drop test during transportation, Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S still has a good performance.

Before Growatt launches new generation three-phase solar Inverter Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S, Growatt 4-40KW three-phase string inverters have been shipped to more than 100 countries, and over 50,000 sets are already used for residential and smaller-scale industrial & commercial PV projects. In fact, Growatt has more than 5 years experience in first batch three-phase inverter offerings overseas since 2011 and over 4 years superior performance experience in Foxconn 20MW PV system since 2012. Therefore, clients will get a great benefit from the new generation Growatt 8K-11KTL3-S.

Growatt was founded in May,2010 with the registered capital 100 million USD. It is a professional solution provider and state-level enterprise for solar inverters, energy storage system and Mehome intelligent energy management systems. Growatt’s solar inverters has exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, North America ,Australia, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and get much appreciation from global clients. Growatt is the leading Chinese inverter manufacturer, and fights for the largest user-oriented intelligent energy solution provider.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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