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New Product Launching | Sineng Electric Unveils New-Generation 1250kW Central PCS – EQ

New Product Launching | Sineng Electric Unveils New-Generation 1250kW Central PCS – EQ


Beijing : At the highly anticipated 12th Energy Storage International Conference And EXPO (ESIE), Sineng Electric unveiled its latest innovation in energy storage products – the new-generation 1250kW Central PCS. This unveiling marks not only a significant advancement in energy storage technology but also underscores Sineng Electric’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in manufacturing.

/High-efficiency Operation in Multi-scenario Application/

Drawing on extensive technological research and foresight into industry trends, Sineng Electric introduces the cutting-edge 1250kW Central PCS, boasting remarkable performance. With a full load efficiency exceeding 98.5% and a 0.4% increase in system cycle efficiency, the PCS facilitates friendly battery parallelization for 2/4-hour access and ensures stable power supply across diverse environments with lower LCOS. These advancements not only enhance overall system efficiency but also translate to reduced electricity costs and increased returns on investment for customers.

/Exceptional Performance in Harsh Environments/

Extended lifespan and reliability are paramount in evaluating the value of energy storage systems. Sineng Electric’s new-generation 1250kW Central PCS features advanced internal heat dissipation systems, maintaining core cabinet temperatures rise below 10K for long-term stable operation. With the IP65-level protective design and phase-change heat dissipation technology, the PCS effectively withstands external harsh conditions, significantly extending its service life.

/Simple O&M with User-friendly Design/

Designed for efficient operation and maintenance, the modular concept of the PCS streamlines maintenance processes and enables rapid machine replacement. This results in improved system availability and reduced downtime, ensuring continuous operation and reaffirming Sineng Electric’s commitment to quality manufacturing.

/Enhanced Energy Density for Lower Costs/

Compared with previous generation product, the new 1250kW Central PCS boasts a 43% increase in energy density while significantly reducing its footprint by 49%. Its compact and intelligent design maximizes energy storage capabilities in limited spaces, offering customers greater flexibility and options.

/High-level Safety with Stable Output/

In the face of evolving grid challenges, the 1250kW Central PCS demonstrates remarkable adaptability and stability. Equipped with advanced damping control and rapid inertia response mechanisms, it ensures stable output amidst grid fluctuations, safeguarding grid safety and stability.

Amidst the dawn of the new energy revolution, Sineng Electric continues to lead with unparalleled technical expertise and strategic vision. The innovative 1250kW Central PCS exemplifies Sineng Electric’s commitment to global carbon neutrality goals and green development practices, ushering in a more prosperous, low-carbon, and sustainable future.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network