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New solar powered health care screening kits launched for the Indian armed forces

New solar powered health care screening kits launched for the Indian armed forces


In order to bridge the digital gap in the existing healthcare delivery eco-system, Medi Tech Innovations, a health-care IT start-up has launched the ‘Solar Powered Health Care Screening Kits’ for the Indian armed forces and para-military. This specially designed kit helps keep a record of the vital information such as blood sugar level, blood pressure, heart rhythm of the people posted in remote locations. This comes handy during any emergency medical situation involving the soldiers as the concerned doctors can then refer to the available data for treatment without any delay. Moreover, the device can provide real time health alerts to the concerned authorities by transmitting patient information through cloud system to the command hospital. Post which, the received data is screened at the hospital for risk profiling of our soldiers and prevent any untoward incident.

Rajdeep Tyagi, Founder Director of Medi Tech Innovations said “While India is moving towards quality health care, however, we have realized while studying the market that there exists a digital gap in the existing healthcare delivery system. As per news reports, heart attacks killed three-times more CRPF men than anti-Maoist operations. The Solar Powered Health Care Screening Kit can screen ‘Jawans’ for cardiac risks through portable medical devices and prevent loss of lives.” Developed by the Technical Business Incubation Centre of Sri Ram Institute, Medi Tech Innovations brings in innovative products and services by deploying sunrise technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence for Decision Support Systems, Healthcare Sensors, Image Processing, Mobile Computing and BluTooth Low Energy among others.

Other life-saving products from Medi Tech Innovations include Patient Infotainment System and Smart Ambulance to deal with the urgent healthcare problems especially in the far flung areas of the country. At the same time, the company will also provide additional services like HIS Implementation Support which allows it to undertake IT implementation support services for hospitals which includes- Evaluation process of HIS vendors suitable for the hospital that fits to the current and future growth of the hospital, finalization of operating protocols for HIS configuration as per the need of the hospital and training to the hospital staffs (clinical, Operation, Top executives) on HIS. Medi Tech also offers a range of IT services to support the entire eco-system of a healthcare provider including Mobile Application Development.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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