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New Sunverge Infinity Extends Energy Management Platform to Third-Party Energy Storage Systems

New Sunverge Infinity Extends Energy Management Platform to Third-Party Energy Storage Systems


DistribuTECH – Sunverge Energy, a leading provider of intelligent energy storage systems for residences and small businesses, recently announced the Sunverge Infinity™, an energy management platform that works with third-party energy storage systems. The Sunverge Infinity unit works with a range of battery storage and inverter products from various vendors, enabling utilities, electric retailers and solar companies to use Sunverge’s cloud-based software platform to connect and manage those systems, aggregating them into a common virtual power plant.

The Sunverge Infinity allows energy service providers, utilities and energy retailers to offer their customers a variety of storage hardware options for their homes and small businesses. Customers can choose the configuration they prefer and enjoy the benefits of backup power, bill savings and additional services that Sunverge’s own storage systems have delivered to end users for nearly a decade.”Storage technology realizes its full potential when individual units can be centrally managed and aggregated,” said Ken Munson, CEO of Sunverge Energy. “Sunverge Infinity is the link between our powerful software platform and the growing number of battery and inverter options out there. It creates greater choice for consumers along with offering more powerful management options for providers.”

The Sunverge Infinity streamlines Virtual Power Plant (VPP) management for utilities dealing with increasing numbers of distributed energy resources (DERs) on their grids. With it, grid operators can access a much larger pool of solar and storage assets as part of a VPP while providing the same performance and reliability when dispatching these resources. “Electric utilities are increasingly investigating impacts on the grid resulting from the two-way flow of energy,” said Brett Simon, GTM Research Analyst. “Software for DER management and aggregation is critical to ensuring both a resilient grid in the face of changing architecture, as well as enabling the most efficient utilization of these resources.”

The Sunverge Infinity is based on the same software architecture as the Sunverge One™, formerly known as the Solar Integration System, which is used by nearly 1,000 homeowners in five countries. Limited releases of the Sunverge Infinity will be available in Australia in Q1. The product will be commercially available in Q2 and sold through a network of Sunverge sales partners and partner companies in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The retail price will be calculated based on a customized package of system components which may include the photovoltaic system, battery inverter, energy management and third-party energy storage unit, plus the cost of installation. “We’ve seen the steady growth of storage across the globe because it adds tremendous value to solar installations, increasing reliability, cutting bills and reducing payback times,” Munson said. “Sunverge Infinity represents another innovative advance from Sunverge, the kind we’ve been bringing to market since our launch.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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