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NEXTracker Receives FINAME Certification in Brazil

NEXTracker Receives FINAME Certification in Brazil


NEXTracker, a Flex company, recently announced that it has achieved FINAME accreditation in Brazil which will enable the Company to deliver its advanced solar trackers to Brazilian solar projects under attractive financing arrangements. FINAME accreditation, granted by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), indicates that a company has produced a product that is compliant with BNDES local content and local manufacturing processes criteria. FINAME facilitates financing under special terms and conditions, enabling project developers to access local development bank credit lines.

With a growing Brazil presence, NEXTracker, co-located with Flex’s manufacturing center in Sorocaba, São Paulo – and supported by over 9,000 Brazilian Flex employees – is well positioned to supply its advanced NX Horizon trackers to solar developers and engineering, procurement and construction firms (EPCs) throughout Brazil. Tracker materials produced locally include, besides key structural items, NEXTracker’s advanced self-powered controller, manufactured and tested at Flex.

“NEXTracker is thrilled to receive FINAME accreditation. Combined with our local sales and operations, this solidifies our ability to deliver significant volumes of our advanced solar trackers in Brazil,” said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. “Brazil represents a boundless new frontier for solar deployment. In addition to serving this important market, we’re delighted to be contributing to the Brazilian economy by adding new, high-quality solar jobs.”

“NEXTracker’s deep solar experience and innovative products can help Brazil realize its ambitious PV deployment targets,” said Nelson Falcão, NEXTracker Country Manager. “NX Horizon’s advanced product features, quality and reliability maximize energy yield and reduce both installation and operating costs for our customers’ projects.”Brazil’s federal energy planning authority (EPE) recently doubled its forecast for installed photovoltaic capacity to 7GW by 2024, owing to the country’s initial solar auction results. BNDES’ FINAME accreditation encourages companies to service the region with local products, which creates more availability and scalability for parts inventory and technical support.

The leading solution for commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar power systems, NEXTracker has shipped 3GWs of its solar trackers worldwide since the Company’s founding in 2013. NEXTracker’s fewer foundations and assembly points help mitigate geotechnical risk and accelerate project construction schedules. With independent rows and high slope tolerance, NEXTracker minimizes site preparation costs while providing the flexibility to install more solar power per site. NEXTracker’s mechanical and electrical components have a minimum of 36” clearance above the ground – to ensure compatibility with site challenges, minimizing dirt, flooding, snow, and vegetation concerns. NEXTracker’s enhanced construction tolerances, self-grounding and self-powered design provide valuable savings in labor and materials. The tracker’s wide rotational range and advanced tracking algorithms provide a significant energy yield gain compared to non-tracking solar arrays.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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