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Tubos Argentinos inaugurates a tube line to supply the photovoltaic market

Tubos Argentinos inaugurates a tube line to supply the photovoltaic market


The incorporation of a production line of tubes and pipes of steel with large diameter seam was the great reason why Tubos Argentinos decided to expand the industrial facilities of its plant in the province of Buenos Aires. In detail, the company increased the range of 5-inch tube up to 10-inch tube and added in-line spout, 6-inch spout and 8-inch spout. That would result in new uses for photovoltaic solar farm structures, piping for fluid handling, agricultural machinery, among others. Ms Paula Poloni , General Manager of the company said that “We will continue to provide the renewable energy sector and we expect to increase sales to a large extent in the coming months. Specifically, we had a very important participation during the past year in photovoltaic parks. Today many of them are already built and generating energy, and we are confident that new clients will emerge in the short term from various parts of the country.”

Precisely among the renewable projects in which Tubos Argentinos already had participation, 5 of these are solar: Caldanes del Oeste (San Luis), La Cumbre (San Luis), Cauchari (Jujuy), Guanizui Church (San Juan) and Pasip (Mendoza) ).

While the products that stand out for this area are pipes of conduction, GAS, electrical type CONDUIT and profiles for dry construction, this plant opens a lot of new challenges and opportunities to explore.

The businesswoman announced that “During this year and next year we have the objective of certifying our products under the API standard – the American Petroleum Institute – to enter the gas and oil pipeline market, With the incorporation of this line, Tubos Argentinos reaches a production capacity of 6000 tons per month, which would almost double the current production capacity. From there, the business prospects in the region increase. We have already closed deals in Brazil and we will continue to venture into that market, especially with the new large tubes, and the efforts are focused on positioning ourselves in Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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