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Nordex Group to build 66 MW wind farm in Brazil

Nordex Group to build 66 MW wind farm in Brazil


The Nordex Group will install 22 AW125/3000 turbines in Brazil for its customer EDF Energies Nouvelles. Acciona Windpower signed the contract for this project in the winter of 2015, prior to the merger with Nordex. The project was now booked as a firm order in June 2016 and has also been considered in the recent first half year report.The “Ventos da Bahia I” orderto install the 22 AW3000 turbines is the company’s first in the country since the merger with Acciona Windpower.

The “Ventos da Bahia I” site is located in the state of Bahia ineastern Brazil. The wind farm was developed by Sowitec and will have a total capacity of 66 MW. The Nordex Group will supply ten AW125/3000s with 120 metre concrete towers and twelve of the same with 100 metre concrete towers. Production of the towers by the manufacturer itself as well as delivery of the turbines will start in late summer.

Since the merger with Acciona Windpower, the Nordex Group has been operating three production facilities in Brazil: two concrete tower factories and one nacelle production plant. The company is managed locally from Sao Paolo. AW turbines are very popular and successful in this South American market, andafter completion of “Ventos da Bahia I”, there will be nine wind farms in Brazil with a total capacity of 1,185 MW of clean electricity.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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