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Notice of invitation to tender – Bidding date 1 October 2017

Notice of invitation to tender – Bidding date 1 October 2017


As of the bid date of October 1, 2017, the surcharge values ​​are determined in the bid price procedure (” pay as bid “): The billing value of the bids issued is decisive for the calculation of the surcharge value.

bid deadline

The deadline is 1 October 2017 .
The bid is the calendar day on which the time limit for the submission of bids for an invitation to bid expires. The bids must have been received within the deadline at the Bonn site of the Federal Network Agency.
Since the bid deadline falls on a Sunday, the deadline shifts to the next working day. So this is the 2nd October 2017. The
deadline is therefore for this date Monday, the 2nd October 2017 . Bids can be placed on this day until 24:00 hours at the gate of the Federal Network Agency in Bonn, Tulpenfeld 4, 53113 Bonn.

tender volume

The tender volume of this bidding meter is 200 megawatts . ( Pursuant to Section 28 ( 1) and (2 ) EEG )

The tender volume is the sum of the installed capacity for which the financial support is issued at a bid date.

maximum value

The maximum value for this bid is 8.84 cents per kilowatt hour . (In accordance with Section 37b ( 1) EEG )
The maximum value is the maximum value that may be offered. If the bid value stated in the bid exceeds the maximum value, the bid is excluded from the bidding procedure.

Bids on arable and grassland areas in less-favored areas

Bids on arable and grassland areas in less-favored areas are permitted on this bid date as follows:

Baden-Württemberg : According to the opening regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg bids on arable and grassland areas up to a volume of 100 megawatts can be applied per calendar year, whereby the last bid is still fully disputed. In 2017, a surcharge of 10 megawatts was granted under this Regulation. This means that 90 megawatts of 2017 can still be used in this category.
Bavaria : According to the Bavarian opening ordinance, 30 bids for arable and grassland surfaces can be proposed per calendar year. However, bids may not be issued if the areas are located in NATURA 2000 sites or in legally protected biotopes. In 2017, 18 awards were granted under this Regulation, which means that twelve bids may still be awarded this year .
format guidelines

The Bundesnetzagentur has specified the following format specifications for the battalion on this date within the meaning of § 30a ( 1) EEG . They must be observed. Bids which do not conform to these format specifications are excluded from the award procedure. The required forms can be downloaded from the Internet and with an appropriate PDF -Reader program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (on the side of Adobe available free of charge) on the computer to fill. Handwritten forms do not correspond to the format specifications.

ATTENTION: Forms published for previous bidders are no longer to be used.

Source: bundesnetzagentur.de
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