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Now, harness the Sun’s power through an app

Now, harness the Sun’s power through an app


Thanks to the United States President Donald Trump, almost everyone, has heard about the Paris Accord — an agreement between nations to combat climate change — now.

One step in this fight is greater focus on renewable energy such as solar and wind to meet the energy demand.

While the United States plans to renegotiate for an ‘improved’ deal, India aims to meet its set target.

In recent days, power tariffs in the renewable sectors keeps falling to new low and private companies are now ready to pitch in.

Hyderabad-based startup, Freyr Energy, plans to help the country meet its target via its mobile app, SunPro, which could be used to get an estimate in a matter of few touches for solar installation.

The SunPro app, available in both iOS and Andriod, allows the user with quite a few customisation option.

Saurabh Marda, co-founder and managing director, said, “The industry, we felt, is pretty unorganised. We soon found out that there were two paths to go forward for bringing in the orders.

“We could hire a sales team for every location or could disrupt the ecosystem. We decided to use the craze of mobile apps as our way for disruption.”

Along with co-founder Radhika Choudary, whom Mr Marda has known for a long time, the duo set out to change the dynamics but soon realised the challenges that impede the growth.

“With the sector seeing increased interest, we didn’t want to become yet another company jumping in and later being forced to wind up when a bigger player with greater capital venturing into the sector,” Ms Choudary said.

She added, “We are an integrator and thus help the customer get the lowest price for their installation. The lower tariffs works as an additional benefit for us.”

As of June 30, 2017, the nation’s solar grid had a cumulative capacity of 13.11 GW. Meanwhile, the solar-generation capacity as per date till March 31, 2017 rose to 12,289 MW from 2,650 MW on May 26, 2014 in India.

Source: asianage
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