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NV Energy Rolls Out New Green Energy Opportunity for Large Customers

NV Energy Rolls Out New Green Energy Opportunity for Large Customers


In response to a growing interest from some of its largest customers who wish to be served by more renewable energy, NV Energy announced that it will offer these customers energy from a new solar photovoltaic energy resource to be constructed in Clark County, Nevada.

Opportunities are available to customers with larger than one megawatt of demand and follow the guidelines of Nevada’s NV GreenEnergy Rider initiative. The NV GreenEnergy Rider program was approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada in 2013. Interested customers are asked to submit a Customer Participation Agreement between now and the deadline of May 20, 2016. NV Energy will respond to customer requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

NV Energy’s Vice President of Energy Supply Kevin Geraghty said this new opportunity has resulted from a team of NV Energy employees who are responding to customer needs by developing low-cost renewable energy solutions that can benefit all customers and the Nevada economy. Geraghty noted that NV Energy is still finalizing its request for renewable energy proposals initiated in February, but said that the initial results looked promising.

“We are developing the most cost-effective ways to bring more solar energy to our customers in a fair and balanced way.” He was optimistic that the new renewable energy resource would be low enough to allow interested customers to be served with more clean energy at no more than a half-cent premium per kilowatt-hour.”Even though all of our customers are already served by more than 40 renewable energy resources located across Nevada, we fully appreciate and applaud the desire of some customers to be served by more renewable energy and to reduce or eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels,” he said.

NV Energy will work with interested customers through the summer months and resulting NV GreenEnergy Rider agreements with qualifying customers will be submitted to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for approval by August 15, 2016.NV Energy is increasing the renewable energy benefits to customers at the same time it is lowering its reliance on coal-fueled generation and keeping rates to customers as low as possible. The company announced on April 1 that it will continue to pay a refund to southern Nevada customers. Customers received the fourth straight refund since July 1, 2015. NV Energy customer rates today are lower than they were five years ago.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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