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Ola Introduces Electric Vehicle Taxi Rides In London

Ola Introduces Electric Vehicle Taxi Rides In London


Ola is now offering electric vehicle (EV) rides on its platform to its customers in London. Ola claims that Ola EV rides cost its customers the same amount of money as their comfort category vehicles and there are almost 700 drivers currently working under Ola’s EV category.

Ola expects more drivers to join their fleet of EV category as they are promoting the category by offering its EV drivers a 0% commission rate for the first three months. The company is also hoping that many drivers would come forward to join the EV category as they are not only offering commission-free rides for first three-months but it will also help the drivers with higher profits as well.

There are also chances that the new scheme will attract more drivers to join their EV fleet and overall help in achieving a reduced carbon footprint. One of the main advantages of owning an EV is its cost/distance ratio compared to its petrol/diesel-powered counterpart. The running costs are not only very cheap but the services are light on the pocket as well.

That being said, the ride in an EV is also extremely comfortable thanks to its almost whisper-quiet powertrain due to the absence of multiple controlled explosions under the bonnet. Even vibrations are greatly reduced.

Thoughts On Ola Electric Vehicle Rides In London

This move from Ola is a positive-minded and well-thought-out plan as it will not only reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company but will also attract a large number of drivers to migrate into the Ola platform from its competitors. It also works out to be better for the company as a future-proofing solution.

Source: drivespark

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network