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Panasonic Betting Big On Green Energy Solutions

Panasonic Betting Big On Green Energy Solutions


In the recent days the telecommunications sector has administered and witnessed outstanding levels of development in the new and advanced energy derivatives. The essence of investment has been involved deeply in picturing the development scenario with huge investments being made at areas the industry sees huge growth.

Panasonic is one such entity among the electronic goods market that has commanded great amount of attention in the green energy solutions. The company has gained almost a monopoly over the green energy solutions as the high-end energy efficient products are seeing huge traction among the telcos in the market. The company has used telecommunication industry as an elevator to increase its product demand.

Sector regulator TRAI’s report showcases that, Indus Towers, the country’s largest telecom tower company, has shown interests in investments of over 5 billion rupees ($77 million) in green initiatives which in turn points towards the established producers of the green energy solutions. The increased demand is not just facilitated by the telecommunication industry but also by the new launched policies of the government in relation to environment-friendly technology in the country. These factors have helped in increased demands of Panasonic’s green solutions.

“India has set an ambitious target for renewable energy generation in the country, which will require energy storage systems to tackle the challenges of renewable energy, including inconsistent supply. Also, the demand for energy storage solutions is coming from the banking, green buildings and industrial segments in the country,” Panasonic India’s CEO and President Manish Sharma said

This statement indicates two major points that the company aims at – one being the establishments of energy storage systems and the other being the new sectors that the company plans to hit – namely the banking, the green buildings and the industrial segments.

Panasonic has incorporated a strategy of creating demand for a product through another product. While on one hand it develops various green energy solutions, on the other hand it builds smart devices that consume green energy. Looking at the kind of strategy it has put in place, and if the speedy track that it has taken proves to be correct, the company is expected to have huge piles of profit in the coming times.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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