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Plea for solar panel to recuse itself

Plea for solar panel to recuse itself


An application was filed on Monday by a former general secretary of the Kerala Police Association before the Justice Sivarajan Commission, inquiring into the solar scam, urging Justice Sivarajan to recuse himself from the proceedings of the commission.

The petition was filed by G.R. Ajith, who said that the commission was acting far beyond the terms of reference and issuing orders in violation of laws.

In his application, he sought “the leave of the Commission and requesting to recuse from proceeding further with the functions of the Commission, since admitted bias and judicial malice will disentitle a judicial or a quasi-judicial authority from functioning or discharging his/her duty in a dispassionate manner.”

He said that he had participated in the proceedings as the commission was headed by a retired judge of the High Court, who would appreciate legal contentions without preconceived notions and recognise the legal and constitutional rights of a citizen. However, “from the open declaration of the commission it had become evident that it is not fair and dispassionate in the conduct of the proceedings,” he said.

He was cross examined in connection with a statement made by Saritha S. Nair, accused in the cases, before the commission that ₹20 lakh was given to the Kerala Police Association secretary by way of donation to the annual State conference of the association held in May, 2013 at Kollam.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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