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Powering Lendiguda Village

Powering Lendiguda Village


Members of the Hyderabad Youth Assembly (HYA) visited the remote Lendiguda village in Adilabad district recently, where they carried out a ‘solar panel’ installation drive.

Collaborating with residents and Venkateshwar Rao – a member of Telangana Teachers’ Federation (TTF) and Human Rights Association (HRA) – upto 22 members worked for the cause for about a month.

Akshat Thonangi of HYA, Director of Goal-4 said, “There were 13 houses in the village, out of which two were used as barns and one for cattle shelter.

Once we fixed the solar panels, we ensured that the binding wire was firmly tied around the wooden sticks so that it wouldn’t wobble in an extreme weather situation as anticipated.”

“So, each household would get one solar lamp and two LED light equipment,” he said.

Later, the team conducted a seminar and explained about its maintenance to the tribal community.

The entire operation was coordinated by Nandagopal Reddy, Vice-Chairman HYA and Amulya Bodla, Director, Goal-4.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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