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Job description:
Exp: 3-8 years; Candidate with MBA and at least 3+ year of experience in purchase of goods.Responsible for planning & procurement of components used in a solar PV plant (On-Grid & Off-Grid) and finalization of project schedule.Must have sound knowledge of various balance of systems (BOS) used in solar power system.Vendor vetting, contract negotiation & finalization. Daily follow up with suppliers to track the supply of materials & ensuring on-time execution of projects.Keeping track of updated prices of BOS and maintaining relation with vendors to ensure timely delivery of products as per project requirements.Detailed understanding of taxes and duties prevailing at central level and at least 2-3 states for the purchase of Photovoltaic products.Scheduling with Freight forwarders and logistics operators for the supply of equipments.Preference to be given to a candidate with the following experience-Candidate with working experience in solar PV industry (off-grid/on-grid).Experience in selection of the Balance of Systems (BOS) used in solar PV plant.Finalizing bill of materials (BOM) as per required designs for multiple projects.MIS reports & Project scheduling.Software skills- MS Projects, Power point, Excel.Experience in vendor vetting and sales & work contract finalization with vendors & sub-contractors.Very good communication skills, both written & verbal, preferably in several languages.Leadership quality and ability to work independently without supervision.Ability to set and manage priorities to achieve goals as per schedule.Ability to work in teams.Flexibility to adapt to unexpected situations, and support project execution on time, schedule, and cost.Good troubleshooting & analytical capability.Capability of managing procurement for both off-grid & Megawatt scale power projects.
Desired Skills and Experience
MIS reports & Project scheduling , Balance of Systems

( BOS )

, vendors & sub-contractors , BOS and maintaining relation , operators for the supply of equipments.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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