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Promote greater use of renewable energy: Vizo

Promote greater use of renewable energy: Vizo


State level painting competition on energy conservation.

The need to put a collective effort towards energy conservation in Nagaland was stressed at the state level painting competition on energy conservation held here today under National Campaign on Energy Conservation- 2017. It was organized under the auspices of Ministry of Power in collaboration with Department of Power Nagaland, North Eastern Electric Power Corporation.

“The need for energy conservation is serious and it is urgent,” stated Commissioner & Secretary for Power KD Vizo at the prize distribution ceremony at EastGate Hotel here.

In the 21st century, he said, energy consumption is increasing at a faster rate in developing countries due to rapid population growth, modernization, urbanization, industrialization and economic development.

“Today, no nation and no state however large or small, wealthy or poor, can escape the huge impact of energy in its socio-economic development and the time has now come for all of us to know the value of energy conservation,” he said.

Vizo noted that for too many years, in the state of Nagaland “we were slow to respond or even recognize the importance of energy conservation but today we must learn to cut energy waste in homes, our buildings, appliances, and thereby save money on energy bills and also save the limited energy resources of the state.”

He also stressed on the need to promote greater use of renewable energy and make clean energy as the first choice in the State.

Stating that there is huge imbalance between demand and generation of electrical energy in Nagaland, he said to reduce the gap there is a need for efficient use of energy and conservation of energy.

In Nagaland, he stated, there is hardly any industry worth mentioning and most of the energy are used for domestic purposes.

Vizo also called for adopting few basic measures to conserve energy. He said light bills can be cut down through use of energy efficient bulbs like Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED); in summer ceiling fan or table fan should be promoted as air conditioning system consumes lots of energy. He added keeping the refrigerator and freezer at very low temperature should be avoided as it consumes lot of energy; for improving efficiency, the washing machine should be operated on full load, water geyser should not be kept on for longer duration to conserve energy; for small scale industrial use energy efficient motors may be used.

“We should try to use Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) labled products as five star rated electrical appliance of BEE consumes very less electricity,” he said.

Further, Vizo maintained it is high time “we” promote energy system that is efficient, cleaner, safer and sustainable and for that to happen new ideas from young minds are needed.

The themes of the painting competition for Category A were ‘Do your part, Be energy smart,’ ‘Save energy, Save earth’ while for Group B they were ‘Save energy, Save resources,’ ‘Our mission, energy conservation,’ ‘Protect environment.’


First: Kevizayie Dzüvichü, Khedi Baptist Higher Secondary School, Kohima
Second: Pienyu Longchar, Livingstone Foundation Higher Secondary School, Dimapur
Third: Kunjal Bukheria, The Maple Tree School, Dimapur


First: Akivito Z. Yeptho, Cornerstone, Zunheboto
Second: Imsurenla Longkumer, Fernwood School, Kohima
Third: Aneilie Peseyie, Dainty Buds School, Kohima

Source: morungexpress
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