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REC Solar Expands Channel Partner Program to Accelerate Commercial Solar

REC Solar Expands Channel Partner Program to Accelerate Commercial Solar


REC Solar, a leading provider of commercial solar and energy solutions,recently announced the expansion of its channel partner program to accelerate the commercial solar market. The program provides industry-leading financing options to a range of solar providers primarily targeting the small commercial market. By providing rapid financing and extensive deal support, REC Solar’s program is designed to make it easier for businesses to quickly enjoy the benefits of clean energy while helping partners accelerate sales.

PwC recently reported that 72 percent of corporations are actively pursuing renewable energy, with 63 percent of companies becoming more inclined to purchase solar in the past six months. To meet this growing demand for solar from businesses across the country, REC Solar is building a partner network of EPCs and solar developers who will enjoy direct access to REC Solar’s commercial power purchase agreement. The company will make $225 million in Duke Energy-backed funding available for projects ranging from 50KW to 2MW.

“Financing and developing small- to mid-sized commercial projects has been a historically challenging process,” said Alan Russo, senior vice president of sales and marketing at REC Solar. “We enable our partners to bring solar to more customers by streamlining the lead development, credit approvals, contracting and financing processes. REC Solar’s partner program is uniquely built to unlock a new path to growth for our partners and bring the benefits of solar to more businesses.”

The REC Solar program offers exclusive benefits designed to help partners generate better leads and accelerate sales cycles, with a focus on offering access to quick and affordable project financing. This includes a rapid credit review that takes hours instead of weeks. The program also provides proposal support services, project management services, incentives and training resources to help partners make the most of this program. An initial version of the program launched with Sungevity earlier this year.

“Joining REC Solar’s channel partner program is already paying impressive dividends for Sungevity,” said Dave Dunlap, Sungevity’s chief development officer. “Access to timely and reliable low-cost capital for project financing has helped us close many projects, especially smaller commercial deals that have been underserved for far too long. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that’s making solar an even better deal for business.”REC Solar encourages EPCs or developers with a consistent deal flow and installation target of commercial business to apply to join its channel partner network.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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