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Renewables.org, technology company Dyme Ink Clean Energy deal in India – EQ

Renewables.org, technology company Dyme Ink Clean Energy deal in India – EQ


In Short – Renewables.org and technology company Dyme’s clean energy deal in India signifies a strategic partnership aimed at advancing renewable energy initiatives. This collaboration is poised to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions, contributing to India’s sustainable development goals.

In Details – Brooklyn-based solar nonprofit Renewables.org just announced a partnership with Dyme, an Austin-based climate tech company, to increase clean energy investments for communities in India and Africa.

The partnership will allow Renewables.org to receive more funding for its projects with solar developers. Every time Renewables.org members shop with Dyme’s eco-friendly store extension, Dyme invests the profits from those sales into Renewables.org projects.

“Dollar for dollar, the money spent on solar across the South creates a greater carbon impact than any other investment or product we analyzed. Renewables.org makes it easy to borrow money to help build solar in India and Africa, create an outsized carbon impact and get it back in five years. ” said Lassor Feasley, CEO and founder of Renewables.org.

“There are simply not enough resources to achieve our net zero goals, especially in countries that lack access to capital, which is essential for industries such as renewable energy. This is why we use our profits to support solar developers in Africa and India to provide cleaner, cheaper utilities and create new jobs for their communities,” explains Sunil Chandra, Founder and CEO of Dyme.

The partnership comes at an opportune time: Over the past two decades, India’s per capita emissions have doubled from 1 to 2 tons per person. Africa, as a continent, contributes only 4% of CO2 emissions, but is one of the regions that will suffer most from climate change. And seven of the ten countries most vulnerable to climate disasters are in Africa.

With that in mind, the partnership between Dyme and Renewables.org will enable members to create an impact every time they shop online at more than 17,000 stores. In addition, as an added bonus, members can receive discounts of up to 20%. Likewise, they can purchase gift cards from more than 600 brands, such as Doordash, Uber, REI and Chipotle, while supporting solar energy projects at no additional cost.

“We are excited to partner with Dyme to offer members an option to reduce their carbon footprint with every gift,” said Feasley. “Together we can help accelerate the energy transition and enable consumers to make more environmentally conscious choices every day.”

“For people concerned about climate change, our partnership with Renewables.org offers the perfect combination: the highest amount of CO2 removed per dollar invested by Dyme and the easiest way to support that every time you shop online as you normally would doing. And best of all – at no extra cost,” says Chandra. “This initiative seamlessly integrates sustainability into daily operations, allowing individuals to contribute to a greener future without sacrificing convenience or affordability.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network