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RPD Energy Helps LG Electronics USA Power Five More Facilities With Renewable Energy Through ‘Purely Green’ Affinity Program

RPD Energy Helps LG Electronics USA Power Five More Facilities With Renewable Energy Through ‘Purely Green’ Affinity Program


HOUSTON: RPD Energy arranged the supply of wind energy and concurrent Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for five LG Electronics USA facilities in Texas, Illinois and New Jersey. The LG facilities are being served under the unique Purely Green affinity program partnership launched this year by RPD Energy, Intuit, Hudson Energy (the Commercial Division of Just Energy), and EDP Renewables.

With the Purely Green program being expanded to include Intuit partners and sustainability peers, LG is the latest company to take advantage of this unique supply arrangement. For LG’s part, these innovative 2018 wind power projects support the company’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its U.S. operations by 50 percent by 2020.

“LG’s actions demonstrate how the Purely Green program can help companies meet their sustainability goals in a cost-effective way,” said Eric Alam, CEO of RPD Energy, formerly Renewable Power Direct. “LG has demonstrated that a customer need not have a large load at every site to benefit from utility-scale renewable energy. The Purely Green program pioneered by Intuit and supplied by EDPR and Just Energy creates a breakthrough that enables more companies to buy directly-sourced green energy on favorable terms.”

“LG applauds this innovative approach. Purely Green has removed common barriers to accessing renewable energy,” said John I. Taylor, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, LG Electronics USA. “RPD Energy and Hudson Energy created a unique structure that made it possible for LG to buy wind power on short-term contracts for these five distribution centers with economical pricing.”

“Helping LG advance their sustainability goals also supports our mission to expand the reach of renewable energy,” said Brent Moore, President, Commercial Division for Just Energy. “Flexibility is essential to grow access to renewable energy, and Hudson Energy welcomes the opportunity to break new ground with LG in greening its facilities.”

About RPD Energy

Formerly Renewable Power Direct, RPD Energy markets green energy products to corporate America and to retail energy providers (for sale onto mass market consumers). RPD offers directly-sourced, variable term (2-8 years), right-sized contracts for green energy and RECs from utility-scale wind and solar facilities. Fortune 500 energy buyers have already chosen RPD Energy to provide green energy contracts for their data centers, production facilities and corporate headquarters in several regions across the US. RPD is headquartered in Houston, Texas. www.rpdenergy.com.

About Hudson Energy

As one of the largest and fastest growing business to business suppliers of electricity, natural gas and green energy solutions in North America, large and small business owners alike look to Hudson Energy to provide reliability and certainty for their energy purchases in a volatile energy market. Hudson Energy is a part of the Just Energy Group™, a publicly traded corporation (TSX: JE and NYSE: JE). Established in 1997, Just Energy is a leading electricity, natural gas and green energy retailer in North America, serving 1.8 million customers.

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