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SCHMID supplies its first InfinityLine to RUWEL International

SCHMID supplies its first InfinityLine to RUWEL International


RUWEL International expands its capacity by a DES line and thereby focuses on the new module generation of the equipment manufacturer SCHMID
The RUWEL International plant in Geldern (Germany) mainly produces printed circuit boards for renewable energies and automotive as well as industrial electronics. This makes the subsidiary of the Unimicron Group one of the leading PCB manufacturers in Europe. To increase its capacity RUWEL International has now ordered a DES line of the new module generation InfinityLine from the equipment manufacturer SCHMID, which guarantees long-term planning security. It is IE4-compliant and already surpasses the currently required energy efficiency class IE3.

“Two years ago, we bought a PremiumLine DES line from SCHMID and we are extremely satisfied with it. Particularly with regard to the minimum chemistry and water consumption SCHMID has now also convinced us with the InfinityLine”, says Rico Schlüter, CTO at RUWEL International.

“More than 40 years of experience in wet processing and the best solutions from our previous CombiLine and PremiumLine module systems have contributed to the development of the InfinityLine”, explains Laurent Nicolet, Head of the SCHMID Electronics Division. “So we adopted for instance the small passage slots from the CombiLine or the spray manifold connection from the PremiumLine and combined the advantages of both modular systems in the Infinity Line.”

At the same time the opportunity for fundamental developments was taken. This becomes particularly obvious with the control of the InfinityLine. Instead of wiring each module directly to the terminal box, each module is now equipped with a decentralized unit which uses a bus system for the data exchange with the control cabinet. This considerably reduces the wiring effort and thus ensures faster assembly and start-up. Additional security is provided by the rear wall across the whole line that separates the operator area from the service area.

In the InfinityLine digital pressure sensors and flow meters are used almost exclusively. Although they are more expensive than analog sensors they save the costs for piping and thereby more than compensate their additional cost. Together with the visualization of the SCHMID Watch, which allows a comfortable setting of the process parameters and an accurate monitoring of all settings, the InfinityLine achieves constant quality and reproducibility. Start-up of the DES line at RUWEL International will take place in the first quarter of 2017.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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