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This Kerala school is spearheading an energy revolution with solar ACs

This Kerala school is spearheading an energy revolution with solar ACs


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Now the students of the Cotton Hill LP School will get a respite from the scorching heat during their dining hours – and how! The city school is pioneering a revolution of sorts in energy conservation. With the establishment of the solar ACs in its dining hall, the school has set itself apart as a model in energy conservation.

As many as three solar ACs have been installed in the dining hall of the school which can accommodate nearly 200 students at a time. A set of 12 solar panels each which can generate 250W energy has been set up. The school has arguably become the first school in the state to install a solar AC.

Installed utilising the MP fund of A K Antony, the setting up of the solar ACs cost Rs 15 lakh. The Corporation also pitched in for the construction of the dining hall. Replete with the vibrant drawings of animals, and now with air conditioning, the dining hall will prove a blessing for the tiny tots in the spiralling summer heat.

The solar panels propped up on the rooftop of the dining hall has been connected directly to the AC. Three 1.5 ton solar ACs have been installed. “The solar AC will work on a power sharing basis with the KSEB. It is one that doesn’t follow the normal ‘on grid’ or ‘off grid’ methodology. The power from the panel is connected directly to the AC. The model is highly efficient at saving energy. On a very sunny day, the amount of energy consumed from the grid will be less than one unit!” said Shyam Kumar, technical director of Megabyte Technologies which has set up the plant in the school.

Only in the absence of solar power will it take power from KSEB, he added. “We have tweaked it in such a manner that the AC will work even during a power failure as we have made it compatible with an inverter,” he added.

“Energy saved equals energy generated. If we are to install this in our government organisations and schools, several megawatts of power can be saved. Then we needn’t go ahead with projects that are detrimental to the environment,” he said. “It also follows a reverse cycle technology wherein it will act according to the weather. So in winter, the AC will work as a heater,” he added.

“The school is pioneering a major energy conservation initiative with the solar ACs. It is a first of its kind in the state and considering the success of the venture, we intend to spearhead many energy conservation technologies. Most of our classrooms are hi-tech and our school is one which consumes much energy. As such we are considering launching several energy conservation measures,” said a PTA member.

The newly set up solar ACs will be inaugurated soon.

On Wednesday the school organised a grand farewell ceremony for the headmistress Celine M and teacher Vasanthakumari G. Inaugurating the ceremony, Deputy Mayor Rakhi Ravikumar lauded the efforts of the HM. The teachers were felicitated at the event. The students who finished their LP school years were given gifts and were given a grandiose farewell party.

Source: newindianexpress
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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