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Signed agreement with JuicePower for a pipeline of smart energy islands in India

Signed agreement with JuicePower for a pipeline of smart energy islands in India


TerniEnergia has subscribed today a partnership agreement with JuicePower, a company established in London (UK), to develop and build clean energy generation plants and energy management structures which combine on-site and off-site generation and storage, and to support the management of JuicePower portfolio of customers with smart energy management systems. JuicePower, is a Clean Energy Platform which aims at directly selling energy to commercial and industrial customers as well as special smart grids, in emerging markets, starting with India, by generating and trading energy using Smart Energy Management systems. JuicePower’s management has expertise and experience in the development, financing, construction and management of renewable energy power generation plants (solar photovoltaic power, wind, biomass, waste to energy plants et alia) and financial advisory in relation to the sector thereto.

TerniEnergia is the first Italian smart energy company, active in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste and energy management, listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and part of Italeaf Group, and it develops solutions, innovative products and services based on digital and industrial technologies for the energy sector.

The goals of the partnership agreement are:
1. Create a joint effort to develop, build, operate and maintain smart energy management solutions for on-site and off-site generation and smart energy management.
2. Allow the parties to cooperate in the design, research and development of smart energy management solutions for the vertical applications identified.
3. Develop a local organization to support the execution of projects, with local teams, suppliers and subcontractors, in India.

JuicePower will be engaged principally in the commercial phase of identifying the final customers and creating a pipeline of projects and to support the local gridconnection and the initial management of PPA contracts (power purchase agreement), including energy trading. TerniEnergia will be engaged with the role of EPC/O&M contractor (engineering, procurement and construction, and operation and maintenance), as designer and developer of smart mini grids, and as provider of solutions and systems for the smart energy management, both hardware and software.

The partnership between TerniEnergia and JuicePower will start in the coming weeks with the implementation of a pilot project of smart energy island (mini smart grid) that includes energy generation plants (solar or hybrid), storage systems, back-up and stability systems (electric generator), smart metering systems and the integration with local control and grid connection systems. The solutions planned under the agreement will be able to contemplate on-site plants of capacity between 1 and 5 MW and/or off-site installations of power capacity between 50 and 65 MW, able to provide several end customers.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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