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Sineng displayed innovative new and flagship products in REI-2019

Sineng displayed innovative new and flagship products in REI-2019


Sineng Electric, being a “one stop solution provider” for solar inverters and energy storage, has unveiled its a comprehensive product portfolio to meet the large market demand of residential, C&I and utility scale applications on the occasion of REI-2019. Exhibited solutions, innovative new and upgraded, have been well received and won positive feedback from customers.

Sineng showcased its hero product 1500V/3.125MW central inverter-EP-3.125MW-HA-UD which was developed for utility-scale application scenario. Eco-friendly and robust design for a 25 years lifespan makes it suitable for extremely humid or hot areas like Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh of India. To protect the inverter from dust and water, it also come along with IP54 overall protection (IP65 for key components such as IGBT module, DC bus capacitor, SMPS for various drive, DSP control board etc) and anti-corrosion protection. This standout product is well known to the customers for its large number installations all over the world, namely-India and Vietnam.

Compact design and smart control algorithm of 3.125MW inverter give an ease of installation, controlling and monitoring. In means of 3-level topology and smart 2 phase redundant cooling method, the efficiency can be achieved up to 99%, and it can work without derating till 50-degree Celsius. It also features 1500V DC inputs, maximum DC/AC ratio of 1.5, flexible 6.25MW or 12.5MW block design and overload capacity of 115%. All of these characteristics allow this inverter to offer customers with high yields and easy O&M which, in returns, profit the customers with a large amount by optimum LCOE. One of undeniable features is night static var generator (SVG) functionality what helps plant owners utilize inverter efficiently before and even after sunset by injecting controllable reactive power to the grid. Additionally, Inverter also owns negative grounding technology for recovering module PID effect and an auxiliary power supply. Needless to say, this machine is equipped with everything what a plant owner would wish for.

To fulfill the diversified needs of commercial and industrial PV application, string family- SP-50K-L, SP-60K-L, SP-70K inverters were presented. They feature multi-MPPTs to reduce mismatch problem which could effectively increase the yield. In particular, they are also designed for wide MPPT voltage range, anti-corrosion, ingress protection IP65 (cooling fan with IP68) and whatnot. Without derating of up to 50 degrees Celsius, inverters work stably in full power operation to maximize the return on investment.

Sineng’s energy storage solution has been able to achieve appreciation in the exhibition and has been installed in many new and old plants all around China. Containerized DC-coupled ESS solution integrates PCS, lithium-ion battery banks and advanced energy management systems. Transformerless design and less conversion links give a higher investment payback. AC coupled ESS solution is suitable for large scale PV plants; it helps to improves on-grid controllability.

About company:

Sineng is committed to ensure state-of-the-art technology and has been working relentlessly with a motto “Endless Energy for Limitless Green.”  Sineng is a leader in R&D of inverters and energy storage solutions and will continue to invest more in R&D. To meet exponentially increased local demands and provide on-time delivery and service, it has established 3GW annual production capacity factory in Bangalore, India in 2018. Join us in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep yourself updated with our latest technologies and achievements.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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