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SMA Launches Intelligent Solution For Higher Energy Yields And Innovative Service Concept

SMA Launches Intelligent Solution For Higher Energy Yields And Innovative Service Concept


Good news for all who are planning a PV system. With the new Power+ Solution from SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), it has never been easier to save on electricity costs. SMA has combined state-of-the-art inverter technology including a unique service concept with smart module technology. The basis of the intelligent SMA solution is the new Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0 with the new SMA Smart Connected service. It is the first inverter to include integrated monitoring with an automatic notification function for servicing without delay. This ensures that PV system owners benefit from maximum system availability and installers from an even easier service business. The SMA solution is quick and easy to install and ensures higher energy yields thanks to the intelligent TS4R module technology.

“Thanks to the intelligent Power+ Solution and the new Smart Connected service concept, SMA has made solar generation in private homes even easier and more convenient,” said Sven Schreiber, Executive Vice President Business Unit Residential at SMA. “We can now provide our customers with an all-inclusive service package thanks to the SMA Power+ Solution based on the new Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0 with integrated SMA Smart Connected service. SMA takes responsibility for inverter monitoring and responds in the event of a fault. Our service allows the installer to respond immediately, meaning that the customer receives support even faster. Thanks to the greater availability of the PV system, owners can use more low-cost solar power at home. And anyone looking to optimize their self-consumption even further and independently of rising electricity prices can upgrade their SMA solutions at any time with battery storage-systems and comprehensive energy management.”

Integrated monitoring for targeted service
The new Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0, successor to the world’s best-selling string inverter Sunny Boy TL, is extremely lightweight, features an intuitive user interface and offers straightforward plug-and-play installation and commissioning, which can be done without opening the lid. The integrated service package SMA Smart Connected enables free and automatic monitoring and helps installers provide customers with a quick, targeted service. Future-proof communication takes place via Ethernet and WLAN, meaning that PV system data can be viewed at any time on your tablet or smartphone.

Targeted use of module technology saves time and money
In combination with the new Sunny Boy 3.0-5.0 and other SMA inverters, the TS4R module components of the SMA Power+ Solution help to increase energy yields – even with complex roof structures – because now, for the first time ever, individual modules of a PV system – for example, those positioned in shaded areas – can be flexibly equipped with additional functions. This saves installers and PV system operators both labor and costs. The module technology can be used upon single PV modules when trees or chimneys cause partial shading, modules are aligned in different orientations or even for detailed monitoring at module level.
All information about the new SMA Solution you’ll find here:

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