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Socomec Launches ‘ALWAYS ON’ Brand campaign to Strengthen It’s Market Leading Position in the Transfer Switching Industry

Socomec Launches ‘ALWAYS ON’ Brand campaign to Strengthen It’s Market Leading Position in the Transfer Switching Industry


Chennai: Socomec, a leading global manufacturer of power control, availability, and safety equipment, announced the launch of ALWAYS ON brand campaign in India, to drive energy availability and efficiency through its Transfer Switching Equipments (TSE). The company has over 96 years of experience in designing and producing TSE that helps keep customers’ power Always On with reliability, safety, in a cost-effective manner.   

 Power outages are non-negotiable when it comes to mission critical power applications such as emergency or healthcare systems, server rooms, and production lines. Access to uninterrupted, high quality power with the ability to switch to a backup power source is critical to ensuring operations as usual, without endangering safety.

Socomec offers the widest range of transfer switching equipment for source change-over applications. The solutions comprise Manual, Remotely Operated and Automatic Transfer Switches, ranging from 16 to 6300 Amps that can be customized to suit installations, sources and loads – across buildings, telecom, data centers, medical and industrial use. Manual transfer switches range from 25A to 3200A, Remote and Automatic Transfer Systems with Bypass ensure high availability up to 6300A. The hallmarks of Socomec solutions include quick and easy installation, safe operations, hassle-free maintenance and cutting-edge proven technology.

Socomec introduced a sophisticated new logo ALWAYS ON as powerful revitalization strategy to embark on a massive branding campaign, giving it a whole new tone and stronger market position.

Socomec’s ALWAYS ON Transfer Switching philosophy is based on four pillars that tie in to the brand’s core values:

  • Efficiency: Socomec’s 5th generation transfer switching equipment drives superior energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Reliability: Purpose-built and tested all-in-one solutions ensure safe operations, backed by continuous product availability information.
  • Availability: Unrivalled power availability, sans downtime, delivered through next-gen transfer switching equipment.
  • Support: Over 400 dedicated on-site/off-site experts for commissioning, inspection, and performance optimisation of TSE during its entire lifecycle.

ALWAYS ON brand campaign aims to accelerate the sales of Transfer Switching equipment in Socomec’s strategic markets and will reinforce its market leadership. The campaign is designed to equip its partners, distributors, and panel-builders with digital tools, methodologies, communication, technical training, and other key assets they will need to better serve their end customers.

Speaking at the launch of the Transfer Switch ALWAYS ON campaign and the release of the new brand logo, Socomec’s Managing Director Mr. Sushil Virmani said, “Socomec has a vast array of engineering and technical expertise in designing and manufacturing of electrical equipment since 1922. The company is an undisputed leader in power switching and changeover functions. Through this ALWAYS ON brand campaign, we wish to drive awareness about Socomec’s commitment towards building a more connected, efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem by offering highly reliable and safe Transfer Switches. We are proud that more than 3 million installations worldwide are already powered by Socomec transfer switching equipment. ALWAYS ON campaign will emerge as a key competitive advantage for our partners in this region, helping them deliver incremental, specialist value to end customers”.

Socomec’s internationally proven, tested and compliant power control and safety solutions not only enable organizations and communities to address today’s challenges but also future-proof their energy needs.

Source: socomec
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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