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Sofarsolar attended REI and Showed the Newest product,Improve brand recognition

Sofarsolar attended REI and Showed the Newest product,Improve brand recognition


Since September 18-20 2019,Renewable Energy India expo,was held in New Delhi, India which is a good platform discussion between user & developer for business strategy, future business scope & transparently meet with organization peoples. It’s a one stop solution for Solar systems products. Sofarsolar attended this exhibition and showed the bestselling products including new inverter ranges such as the single phase inverter (1-7.5kW),three phase inverter (4-70kW), hybrid inverter (3-6kW), battery and AC charger.

During the expo,Sofarsolar achieved a complete success and laid a solid foundation for accelerating the pace of Indian market in the next step.

Indian PV market  plays an important part for Sofarsolar international market expansion,since then Sofarsolar system has been installed on the buildings of prestigious Business buildings, Industrial’s Slanted roofs, Local houses under guidance of Rooftop Policy and Commercial Projects in India. Sofarsolar is continuously winning most selling Inverters in Gujarat under GEDA rooftop policy & other states also good quantum installation database with prompt service support. We well positioned to become a major player in commercial roof-top &utility-scale PV installations.

SOFAR inverters are installed in the farms under SKY PROJECT (Surya Kisan Yojana) initiative of GUJARAT Government at different Feeders covering GUJARAT region. For example, Sofarsolar has provided more than 28MW inverters to SKY PROJECT-GUJARAT. And SOFARSOLAR has another projection which is more than 50MW for SKY PROJECT. In this Project SOFAR 6.6KW to 70KW three Phase models installed with compatibility of synchronize with Three phase motors, communicating with dataloggers via RS-485 and various grid voltage ranges.
Now, Sofarsolar has earned an important position in the field of PV inverter in India. With the continuous growth of the power demand, Sofarsolar will seize the market development opportunity, launching more solar inverters to suit market demand, deepen service, further expand the Indian market, and increase the share of Indian market, to improve brand recognition.

Source: Sofar
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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