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Solar bicycle ride in the city by an Engineer

Solar bicycle ride in the city by an Engineer


Sushil Reddy, an energy engineer, will be travelling across the city with his solar-powered bicycle to create awareness about renewable energy between 25th November 2018 to 10th December 2018.

Sushil Reddy is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Cycling and creating awareness about solar energy has become a way of life for Reddy. He will be visiting many schools and colleges to give presentations about the importance of solar energy and the different ways of using it.

He has about 30 stops along the route and the drive is for 15 days. He will be meeting people from various backgrounds and they will be curious to know about the vehicle. This will give an opportunity to talk and create awareness among people.

A lot of people in the country, whether in cities or in small towns are not aware of how they can make the best use of solar energy. Reddy is also slightly modifying the design of his bicycle to suit the traffic congestion in the city. He is including flexible solar panels and with a smaller dimension so that it can bend up to 10 degrees. This will help in moving a bit faster in traffic jams.

Reddy is also taking part in the Inter-solar India Expo, an exhibition on solar energy that will be held at Bengaluru International Trade Centre, from December 11 to 13. An inaugural function will also be held at the IIM-Bengaluru campus on November 14 where the solar bicycle will be displayed.

Sushil Reddy has made a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest journey on a motorized bicycle by covering 7423.88 km around the country.

We at Bangalorean.com wish him success.

Source: bangalorean
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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