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Solar Farm Project Developer Seeks Capital Partner for Expansion


The solar energy industry is growing rapidly at all levels and Innovative Solar Systems LLC (ISS) has been a part of this growth.  The developer of utility scale solar farm projects has announced plans to secure a financial partner.  ISS has a portfolio of over 2GW and has plans to expand this portfolio to over 5GW by 2018.  The dynamic of developing solar farms is changing and with the aid of a partner ISS will be able to expand into other markets and to rapidly advance projects through NTP or COD stages. “ISS would like to take its business to the next level,” states ISS CEO John Green, “and a financial partner makes sense at this time.”

To help the company secure approximately $100M to $3B, it has engaged the assistance of investment bankers.  The capital raised will allow ISS to expand in up to 12 states and allow the 2GW of projects in the development phase to move forward to completion. ISS is unique in that it is one of the few solar farm developers in the US with the number of projects in its pipeline.  “This makes for a great investment opportunity,” states John Green, ISS CEO.  An investor that partners with ISS will have the ability to gain full access to ISS projects and will have the potential to generate an attractive rate of return.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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