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Solar Giant ZNShine to List on China’s NASDAQ English

Solar Giant ZNShine to List on China’s NASDAQ English


ZNShine PV-Tech Co., LTD, the global photovoltaic solutions supplier, recently listed its initial public offering on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), known as China’s NASDAQ the board for small-to-medium-sized innovative companies in China. After its successful IPO, ZNShine is the No. 1 solar PV company on NEEQ. With fast financial growth that records a 13.81% profit increase for the first half year of 2016, the company aims to lead the industry by specifically focusing on high-performance quality and premium customer service. Its world-leading automatic production lines by far are able to generate average annual output of 2MWsolar panels per headcount. ZNShine has expanded its sales network from its European markets to Americas and Asia-pacific region such as Japan and other Southeast Asian countries.

Apart from scaling up, the company has been exploring new opportunities of solar PV application in various industries. One example is its innovation in agriculture production. By integrating the traditional ways of agriculture production with PV power generation. ZNShine realized a new mode of power generation on the greenhouse with high efficient planting underneath. This enables a full utilization of the limited land resources to largely improve the overall productivity even with reduced capex. According to the company, such projects have been successfully adopted in a number of countries including China, Japan and etc.

Board Chairman of ZNShine Mr. Wang Guifen pointed out, “There are a lot of benefits that these projects could bring. Not only will the environment be improved in the long-term, they are also to offer job opportunities to the local people. For example, the project in Shanxi is likely to cut 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emission in 25 years and provide over 300 jobs.” Wang said, “IPO definitely opens a chapter for the company. With more financial support, ZNShine will continue to expand and deepen the PV market, and bring more renewable energy to the world.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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