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Solar-Log™ WEB-4U – Minimize time and effort – Increase customer satisfaction

Solar-Log™ WEB-4U – Minimize time and effort – Increase customer satisfaction


With the Solar-Log™ WEB-4U, Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS) offers its customers special services relating to the Solar-Log™ WEB “Commercial Edition” web portal. With this, SDS proves its strength in the service sector and supports its customers in many situations of daily work.

With the Solar-Log™ WEB “Commercial Edition” online portal, PV plant operators, EPC and installers generally enter into a service and maintenance contracts with their customers. It is a convenient solution for plant owners since they no longer have to take care of monitoring their plant and count immediate reactions to problems, either through on-site service calls or remote modifications.

SDS is known for its innovative and forward-thinking products and its special and extensive services. The Solar-Log™ WEB-4U broadens this innovative horizon since the specialists from Solare Datensysteme GmbH – when desired – take care of the complete PV plant monitoring for the portal operator via the Solar-Log™ WEB portal.

Thanks to daily monitoring, malfunctions are immediately detected and can be reviewed quickly, checked for plausibility and tracked in the ticketing system. The assessment approaches and solutions displayed help fix the problem. Detected fault messages are immediately forwarded to the respective portal operator. SDS can also create customized reports after consultation.

The Solar-Log™ WEB-4U makes the daily work for portal operators easier. You save valuable time and minimize costs, have peace of mind thanks to daily monitoring, can count on quick and simple fault detection and receive support from an experienced specialist.

In addition to this basic package, extra services can be requested from the portal operator. A new feature is the configuration check that SDS performs for a PV plant to make sure it is operating efficiently and without any problems. SDS continues to offer previous services that can be optionally combined with the Solar-Log™ WEB-4U, such as customized template designs and portal configuration. Customized templates are designed according to the portal operator’s corporate design. With portal configuration, SDS sets up the PV plant. This includes, for example, registering the location, plant data, inverter output and the number of modules and their output.

SDS tailored the Solar-Log™ WEB-4U especially to particular needs of portal operators, expanded its services considerably, and proved they are developing solutions geared towards the long-term developments.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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