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Solar Policy a good start, but implementation is key: Industry

Solar Policy a good start, but implementation is key: Industry


The one-day seminar on solar energy brought together industry as well as government officials which made for an electrifying encounter. AJIT JOHN was present and spoke to the various participants at the conference to gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground

The one-day conference on Solar energy organised by the CII and attended by industry players and a few members of the political class gave an indication of the plans and motivations at work with regards to the business of energy.
The premier industry body brought together policy makers and the concerned departments to facilitate the Government of Goa’s initiative to promote the use of Solar Energy.

Pandurang Madkaikar, Minister, Power and Non-Conventional Energy stated that a lot of developments were taking place within the department in terms of upgrading the power infrastructure in terms of transmission and distribution of reliable and quality power not only to the industrial estates but also domestic consumption.
In his key note address on Vision for Goa the minister said there had to be a healthy Industry and Govt relationship as this could solve a lot of problems just by dialogues. The govt he said was keen in the development of green energy in the State as this was the mandate of the PM and the target for India was generation of 175 GW of renewable energy. He stated the Solar Policy was already in place and was always open to suggestions.

Madkaikar said “The department would be publishing tender documents for the generating of solar power shortly. We have a target of 70megawatts for the first year. We are looking at parties from whom we can get good rates and the bidder will have to do as per reverse valuation. It is in its final stage and within 20 days we should be able to close it. In the last two days the increase in power tariffs in the country was creating some problems but the Govt has decided to bear the burden and not pass the rise in power tariff to the consumers, he stated. The power scenario in the state would be completely changed in the next 2-3 years with upgradation of the infrastructure and also financial support from the centre by providing uninterrupted power 24×7 with proper connectivity to all power sub-stations in the state.”

He said the state needed Rs 1700 crore to overhaul the electricity distribution system for the next 25 to 30 years. The government had already taken Rs 50 crore under a scheme to overhaul a part of the system and had tendered around Rs 500 crore. He bemoaned the absence of the ring system in Goa saying it delayed the resumption of the supply of power where it had been disrupted. He was working on rectifying this because he claimed this would radically bring down complaints and reduce the time people would suffer without electricity.

Speaking at the Inaugural Session RAdm (Retd) Shekhar Mital NM, chairman, CII Goa State Council and CMD, Goa Shipyard Limited welcomed the gathering and highlighted the need for Govt Intervention for development of Solar energy power and about the country’s new target of generating 175 GW from 32 GW by 2022.

Bharat Kamat Mentor, Conference on Solar Energy and Chairman, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Goa Chapter in his theme setting speech talked about the implementation of solar power generation in various states and the need for Goa to venture into harnessing solar energy. He also pointed out the need of setting up solar parks, each with a capacity of 500 MW and above, of which currently 10 Solar Parks/ Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects are proposed across the country. He also highlighted the various Challenges in the Goa’s Solar Policy 2017 and the expectation of the industry of creating sustainable renewable energy for the state.

In the session for Industry expectations Sanjeev Joglekar, Member Secretary, Goa Energy Development Agency, GoG said that they are forming a committee with Pandurang Madkaikar as the chairman and GEDA as member to get the issues and problems that solar industry is facing to be specifically handled. He has also announced that the tenders for the empanel agency is also been started by the GEDA and will have all its parameters and focus points decided in the months to come.

Bhupesh Trivedi, chief marketing officer, Chemtrols Solar Pvt Ltd, spoke about the lack of solar energy technologies/ investments coming into Goa as compared to states like Telangana, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan etc. He was of the opinion that the government should just encourage private investment in solar energy and avoid complicated procedures in tariff, subsidies in solar energy. He further spoke about power being the second biggest cost to industry in the country and there has to be alternate sources to power generation.

The importance of a single window clearance was voiced by several delegates. Later in the evening Mauvin Godinho, Panchayat Minister expressed his frustration at the slow pace at which solar energy was being used in the State. The funds he said were available. The private and the public sector had to work together to make things move. Mauvin said “We used to distribute solar cookers and now no initiative has been taken by the govt or private sector. Today most of our energy comes from across the border. Today we install one panel on top of a building and call it green, we have been reduced to making these token symbolisms. As a tourist friendly state, we should take the initiative and ensure the entire village is lit up with solar energy and showcase it”.

Swayandipta Chaudhari, CEO, Panaji Smart City said that smart city is not only developing better waste management or storm water draining system but also to develop the health and quality of life of the people in the city. With the solar initiatives he is hopeful that there will more changes in the development of smart city in a sustainable form as well.

Vijai Sardessai, Minister for Town and Country Planning said “Alternate energy is the way forward and the solution to global warming. By intensifying solar energy we will be able to make the sustainable and eco-friendly and ready for the future”.

Source: heraldgoa.in
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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