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Solar power for stations

Solar power for stations


Patna: Several stations under Danapur division of east central railway (ECR) will soon be equipped with solar panels.

The ministry of railways plans to introduce solar panels at different railway stations of the country.

The move comes under the plan through which the central government is promoting use of renewable energy systems across the country, which includes airports, railway stations and other public places in the country.

Solar panels will be installed at Patna Junction, Rajendranagar terminal, Patliputra station, Patna Sahib station and Danapur station to lessen electricity consumption and provide more amenities to the passengers.

A survey was done recently in this regard by the Danapur rail division, shortlisting the stations where solar panels would be installed. Solar panels will be installed on the overhead sheds of the stations for which process of measuring the sheds have been completed, said a railway official adding: “At a single platform solar power system of 500kw will be installed.”

Rajesh Kumar, the chief public relations officer, ECR, said: “Solar panels will be installed at platforms as well as the main building of Patna Junction. Apart from the five stations, other stations too are being shortlisted for the purpose.”

He said the railway ministry has set a target of setting up 1,000MW solar power plant on railway platforms and railway buildings in the next five years. The aim is to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels of India’s railway system, he said adding: “The stations selected will harness solar energy under a public-private partnership model.”

A railway official said once solar panels are installed at Patna Junction, railways would save Rs 8 lakh per month in terms of power bills. He said not only the station premises will be lit up by the solar panels but it will also provide electricity to nearby railway quarters and hospital.

Another survey will be carried out at all the platforms of Patna railway station keeping in mind that sun rays are available for at least seven hours during daytime on the overhead sheds of the platforms. This is so because seven hours of sunrays are required to generate electricity from solar panels.

The lifecycle of the solar plants is between 20 and 25 years.

Source: telegraphindia
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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