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Solar project atop Sidhwan promises power to people

Solar project atop Sidhwan promises power to people


With the first of it’s kind Canal Top solar project on Sidhwan canal getting ready by the month end, people can expect better facilities, including solar power. Members of the Lets Clean Ludhiana Foundation (LCLF) visited the project site near Rajgarh to review work done so far. The project, which has 8,421 solar modules on pods spread over 1.25 km from Rajgarh to Ajnod village downstream on Sidhwan canal, will produce 2.5 megawatts of power, which will be fed to the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) sub-station for further distribution. Those executing the project said it is the first of its kind in Asia. “It is our pilot project, which will be completed by the month end. It is a unique solar project for Punjab and India”, said Ramanuj Sinha, general manager of the private firm executing the project. Let’s Clean Ludhiana Foundation (LCLF), which spearheaded The Times of India’s “Let’s Save Sidhwan campaign,” is elated.

LCLF chairman Mridula Jain said, “After The Lets Save Sidhwan Canal campaign jointly conducted by us and The Times of India, the water body came in focus, which is why such projects were planned by the government. It feels great that the project, which is a unique in Asia, is nearing completion. I am sure it will bring light in the lives of many people”. According to her, experts told the LCLF team that such projects could be set up on water bodies for even 200 kms, therefore, the government should conceive more such projects on Sidhwan canal and other canals in the state.” LCLF members said they are eagerly waiting for completion of the project.”After the project starts, we will bring more members to the place to show them how people’s movement can change the fate of Sidhwan.

This is big achievement for us all”, said Radhika Jaitwani, a prominent member of LCLF.Talking to The Times of India, Steven Conger from Colarado, US, who designed the Solar project on Sidh wan canal said the Lakeway Cable structure solar project, which is lightweight, is one of the few such projects undertaken in the world. He said its benefits include solar electricity, renewable energy, checking water evaporation, increased fish production, reduced salinity in water and installation of fibre optics to provide connectivity along the water body. “This project has been shown as an example of good governance by government officials to the Centre.We are also designing another canal top solar project on the Ghaggar in Nidampur,” said Steven, who has designed 50 such projects. The flexibility of the structure makes it withstand the fierce wind, he said, adding that the project could be used as centre of development along the canal.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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